Window Security Grilles

Window Security Grilles or Window Roller Shutters

Window Security Grilles and window roller shutters really offer that edge when it comes to high security. They are sure to deter even the most professional burglar. If you are feeling uneasy about your window security and want to ensure it is the best it can be this is the route to take. We have some customers who request domestic roller shutters or window security shutters. For commercial...
Front Door Security

How to Keep Your Front Door Secure. Our Front Door Security Tips!

If you have the most secure front door on the street you are the least likely to be targeted by intruders, yours will be the door burglars are most likely to avoid. As MLA locksmiths based in North London for over a decade we have seen time and time again that burglars take the path of least resistance. We have seen many preventable intrusions in areas across North London. Whether in...
Moving House Security

Moving House – Be Aware of the Hidden Security Risks!

My sister will be moving house soon and as a family run local locksmith the security of my loved ones is high priority. I was brought up in Finchley and Barnet areas and moved house several times. Now I am a locksmith covering Finchley and Barnet I have come to recognise the significant security risks that are involved in moving. What concerns me is that I am also reminded on a daily basis on the...