IKS Locksmiths You Tube Channel

New! IKS Locksmiths YouTube Channel – My No-nonsense Security Quick Guides

I am excited to announce the official launch of the IKS Locksmiths You Tube Channel! As a North London based Master Locksmith I have lots of information to share with you and hope to give you a renewed insight into property security. 1495
locksmith training

Becoming a Locksmith. Is it the job for you?

Have you considered becoming a locksmith? You may be just leaving school or looking for a career change and who knows it could be the perfect job for you! I decided to train to become a Locksmith after a number of years working in sales and realising that there really was something missing. I saw an advert for a locksmith course and the seed was planted. If you do want to learn to become a...
High security door locks

High Security Door Locks – Luxury or Necessity?

We are professional locksmiths experienced in everything from UPVC door mechanism replacement to installation of high security locks, grilles and safes. Here I explain the difference between high security locks and standard locks. What are High Security Locks Anyway?! High Security is a term that is used a lot in my line of work as a locksmith in North London . My customers often ask me what...