5 Places NOT to Hide a Key Outside

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So you want to hide a spare key for emergencies? But where are the best places to hide a key outside your house?

Where NOT to Hide a Spare Key!!

  1. Don’t hide a key rock – this is too obvious and easy to pick up and check
  2. Don’t use a magnetic hidden key box under your car– burglars are too observant and inquisitive.
  3. Don’t put a spare key lock box under your bin – again this is too obvious
  4. Don’t use a key safe for outside the house – unless you are only keeping one key in it and there is another key for security. These are really only suitable for elderly people with carers who need to access the property or for holiday makers arriving at short let holiday properties.
  5. Absolutely don’t ever leave a spare key under your door mat – it’s just not worth the risk.

There are some interesting and unusual ideas on Pinterest, but what if the burglars are also reading these tips and you never know when you are being watched!

If a burglar finds a hidden key to access your property, not only will you be a victim of burglary but your insurance company will refuse to pay out.

How to Hide a Key for Emergencies Safely

Leaving a key with a trusted neighbour is the best and safest option.

If leaving a spare key with a neighbour isn’t an option and you really want some kind of outdoor key hider, a good key safe is probably the safest option, but as I said it isn’t the best option and not one that I would encourage customers to use for a full set of door keys.

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2 Replies to “5 Places NOT to Hide a Key Outside”

  1. The people who live in the flat below me left a full set of keys for their flat under a wheelie bin on the driveway in clear view of the pavement. I found them whilst sweeping up and moved them. Later that day a group of people who do’t live at the property were seen searching under the bins clearly looking for the keys… Apparently the keys had been left there for them so they could let themselves in…

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