How to Keep Jewellery Safe at Home

keeping your jewellery safe

How do you keep jewellery safe at home? Clever ideas to store jewellery at home are usually not as effective as we would like them to be. The problem is that most intruders know where people hide jewellery. A simple and effective approach is always best when it comes to storing valuables and sentimental items like jewellery which can be family heirlooms.

Clever Hiding Places for Jewellery

Creative hiding places for jewellery can be extremely problematic. If you are thinking about how to store jewellery at home be aware that suggestions of storing valuables in tins in the kitchen, inside a ball, inside vents and cavities in the wall or in clothing in a wardrobe could end in disaster and regret. Quirky ways to store jewellery at home can result in valuables being discarded by mistake and lost and forgotten about. Read our recent post about writing a Will where we talk about the importance of your executors knowing where your Will and valuables are stored.

Professional advice is crucial whether you want to buy a basic safe for valuables or a bespoke luxury safe for storing and displaying jewellery at home.

The Best Way to Store Jewellery at Home

Take professional advice on how to store jewellery safely at home as opposed to tips from the internet that be a false economy. If you are serious about keeping jewellery safe at home the most important things are;

  1. Effective physical security
  2. A good insurance policy

It is important that the security measures you have in place meet the requirements of your insurance policy. Make sure that you keep a record of individual items of jewellery and their value, either on your policy or for your records. Seek specialist advice on insurance approved jewellery safe installation and additional security options available to ensure your property security is in line with insurance requirements.

jewellery safe

Security to Meet Insurance Standards

Did you know that having high security measures in place throughout your property can significantly reduce your insurance premiums? This is because you are much less likely to suffer a loss through burglary when you have effective high security measures in place. Physical security measures such as high security locks, door reinforcement, security grilles and Eurograde safes make a significant difference. A complete property security package is particularly important for clients taking out a high net worth insurance policy.

property security

Graded Safes for Jewellery Security

A Eurograde safe will provide a particular level of protection for your valuables. Each grade has a cash and valuables rating. For example, a grade 0 safe has a cash rating of £6K and valuables rating of £60K. At the other end of the spectrum a grade 7 safe has a cash rating of £250K and a valuables rating of £2500K. Find out more about what you need to know when buying a graded safe here.

Key Operated or Digital Safes for Jewellery

If you have a key operated safe always keep the key secure, particularly if you have tradespeople or cleaners doing work in your home. Anything above a grade 3 safe will have dual locking for extra security. Many of our clients choose grade 3 safes and above for jewellery security for this reason. You can read about choosing key operated or digital safes here.

dudley europa grade 3 safe
Grade 3 Safe £17.5K Cash Rating £175K Valuables Rating

How to Store Gold Jewellery at Home

When thinking about how to keep gold jewellery safe at home it is important to consider what items you are storing together. Our experts can advise you on the best home safe for gold and silver and always recommend not storing gold and silver close together as this can damage your jewellery.

Safe for jewellery

Where to Store Jewellery at Home

When deciding where to store a gold jewellery safe at home or any safe for that matter it is important to consider the options available to locate a safe within your particular property. Securing a safe so that it can’t be easily removed is vital, it needs to be bolted securely to an external wall or a joist.

colourful safe to keep jewellery
A Dream Safe in a Bedroom

Some clients opt for a small safe discreetly hidden in a wardrobe whereas others may wish to make a feature of a custom design luxury safe to store and display jewellery at home. The Dream safe pictured above is an affordable design safe with a luxury look to compliment the interior design of a room. In the image below the safe is but into the wardrobe to provide secure storage space without taking up too much room in the wardrobe.

safe installation north london
Space Saving Small Safe Installation in a Wardrobe

Another important consideration is the atmosphere in the room where your jewellery safe is installed. Extreme temperatures (too hot or cold) and humidity can damage jewellery and affect its value. Installing your jewellery safe in direct sunlight in a warm climate or in a cold damp basement isn’t advisable.

Read more about the best place to install a safe and choosing the best safe for your home. Arrange a survey of your property with a professional safe installation specialist.

How to Store Watches at Home

You can trust luxury safes installation specialists at IKS for professional expert advice on storing valuable jewellery and precious timepieces. Visit our watch safes page for more information on securing watches and maintaining their value.

luxury safe for jewellery and watches storage

If you need professional advice on storing and displaying jewellery at home in the UK we can help. We cater for a range of budgets with our comprehensive range from basic to luxury security options. As experts approved by The Master Locksmiths Association our security products and service are of the highest quality and our prices are highly competitive. Contact our security specialists about how to keep your jewellery safe at home.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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