How Much Do Security Grilles Cost?

security grilles cost

I am the Master Locksmiths at IKS Locksmiths, and we are specialists in security grilles installation in London. We are experienced in installing both home and office and shop front security grilles. If you want to know about prices for security gates for sliding doors or the cost of burglar bars for windows we can help. When a customer calls me to ask how much do security grilles cost, there are a few questions I ask them about their requirements.

What Affects the Cost of Security Grilles?

To cost security grilles you need to know exactly what is required. A number of factors affect the price of security grilles.

  • The Supplier You Choose – product and security grilles installation quality can vary significantly.
  • The Size – price is calculate per square metre.
  • Type of Grilles – retractable security grilles installation is slightly more costly than fixed grilles installation.
retractable security grilles
White Retractable Window Security Grilles

Different Suppliers Varying Grilles Costs Explained

We are retractable and fixed grilles installation specialists in London. Choosing a supplier for grilles can be a minefield. Comparing quotes can be hard to quantify! These are the scenarios you may come up against when getting quotes for grilles;

  • A good value quote for a superior product and expert installation.
  • Paying a premium for brand name security grilles which are of similar quality to the good value security grilles.
  • Inexperience or poor communication causing problems with the order
  • Low quality grilles with poor installation. Read here about the importance of high standards of security grilles fitting.

Obviously the ideal is to find a supplier offering good value, providing high quality security grilles installed with expertise.

black retractable grilles
Black Collapsible Door Security Grilles

My Top Tips for Choosing a Grilles Supplier:

  • Check a sample of the security grilles for quality of material, finish and locking mechanism.
  • Ensure the person doing the survey is a security grilles specialist experienced in installing grilles, not just placing orders.
  • Paying a premium for branded security grilles is not necessary. Invest in experience not a name.
  • Ideally choose a Master Locksmiths Association Approved security grilles specialist.
  • When comparing quotes make sure you are comparing a like for like quotation!

Cost of Security Grilles is Calculated Based on the Size

The price of security grilles is based on cost per square metre.

Security grilles can be bought as an off the shelf size (not something we deal with).

When a customer calls us for a quote for bespoke security grilles, we ask for approximate measurements to enable us to give them an estimated cost. Subsequently we carry out a survey to establish the exact cost. This can often end up being less than the estimate when the exact measurements and requirements are discussed.

Georgian grilles installed
Georgian Security Grilles

Which Types of Security Grilles Cost More and Which Cost Less?

Do you want to get a rough idea of door or window grille cost? Here I have listed different types of security grilles in price order from lowest to highest. Prices are really a ballpark figure to give you an idea what to expect. As mentioned before the cost from each supplier can vary for several reasons. These are approximate prices you can expect to pay depending on the supplier.

  • Mesh Security Grilles – Ranging from £80+ per square metre

These are mesh sheets of metal in a range of designs. They are used as an additional barrier in windows and are most commonly used in front doors.

  • Fixed bars – Ranging from £120+ per square metre

I recommend fixed grilles for windows and doors as a cost-effective security measure. Generally fixed window grille cost will be less than for security grilles for doors which require more moving parts.

fixed bars
  • Georgian Grilles – Ranging from £140+ per square metre

These are fixed grilles designed to be aligned with the internal lines of the window. (as pictured 2 images above)

  • Collapsible / Retractable Security Grilles – Ranging from £150+ per square metre

These can be either in an open or locked position. Collapsible gates can be internal or external.

When choosing the type of security grilles, I suggest starting with what most suits the style of your property and the circumstances. You can then work backwards to find a solution that best suits your budget.

Click here to see our Security Grilles Gallery.

I hope this has helped you in deciding your next step in relation to security grilles for your property. Should you require advice or a quote for security grilles or roller shutter installation contact us.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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