How to Choose a Locksmith – 3 Do’s and Don’ts

choosing a locksmith

Did you know that the UK Locksmith Industry is completely unregulated by law! This can make it tricky choosing a trusted emergency locksmith in London .

It means that UK locksmiths can legally trade;

  • Without Qualifications and
  • Without Even a DBS Check!

This is not a good place to start when you are talking security. I see people getting caught out by this problem on a regular basis. People just don’t realise the risks when they choose a locksmith.

Property security is a sensitive area and choosing a locksmith calls for careful consideration for good reason.

In this post I will answer the question, “How do I choose a “good locksmith” in my local area?

Advice from Locksmiths Approved by The Master Locksmiths Associaiton

We are a family run company providing mobile locksmith services in High Barnet (if you need to find a locksmith in High Barnet you know who to call!). We cover North London and Hertfordshire and have been fully qualified members of the Master Locksmiths Association for over 10 years. As experienced specialists in property security and emergency burglary repairs in London, we pride ourselves on our high levels of knowledge, workmanship, convenience, value for money and customer service.

I hope my tips on how to find a good locksmith in your area (wherever you live in the UK) will prevent you from getting ripped off by a locksmith!

3 Don’ts When Choosing a Locksmith

Whatever you do when choosing a locksmith please don’t make these all too common mistakes.

1) Don’t Just Choose The 1st Locksmith “Advert” You Find at The Top of the Search Engine.

The advert section at the top is hunting ground for rogue locksmiths. Look for an MLA locksmith further down in the organic listings.

IKS lockmiths on Google Maps

2) Don’t Be Fooled By Adverts with Rock Bottom Prices and Fast Emergency Response.

Rogue locksmiths advertise fast response and rock bottom prices and then charge astronomical prices on completion of a job. You can read more about locksmiths quoting cheap prices here. There is evidence of extreme locksmith overpricing in this post.

locksmiths quoting cheap prices
Main Image Courtesy of katemangostar

Rogue locksmiths commonly use fake reviews to secure business. You can read about fake locksmith reviews here.

fake reviews

3) Don’t Accept a Quote Without Confirming The Details of The Job.

How can a locksmith agree a price with no job info? They can’t! So if they do then don’t trust it.

You can read here about getting a quote from a locksmith and the information you should share with them to get a realistic quote. Also what you should expect in relation to paying a locksmith call out charge here.

3 Dos When Choosing a Locksmith

1) Do Check a Locksmith is CRB/DBS Checked

As a minimum it is wise to check that you are choosing a locksmith who does not have a criminal record! Ask to see proof of DBS.

DBS CRB checked locksmith

Did you know that property security locksmiths are not required to have this by law!?

2) Do Ask Someone to Recommend A Local MLA Approved Locksmith

It is a good idea to get a recommendation of a local locksmith from someone you know. You can read about the differences between choosing local and national locksmiths here.

The best way to find a locksmith online in your area is by going directly to the MLA website where you can search for all local MLA locksmiths in your area using your post code.

MLA registered locksmith

You can read more about why you should choose an MLA Approved Locksmith here.

3) Do Agree a Fixed Price on The Phone

It is so important to agree a final price so that you know where you stand. Prices should not increase as the job proceeds. If they do you could be ripped off. If you don’t agree a price upfront it could become very difficult to deal with.

realistic locksmith costs

It is good to get an idea of what you should expect to pay a locksmith before calling. You can read about the cost of a locksmith and realistic locksmith prices here.

Should A Locksmith Drill My Lock?

Locks can be opened non destructively in 90% of cases. So if your lock actually needs to be drilled you are very unlucky. Unfortunately drilling locks unnecessarily is common practice with rogue locksmiths. You can see a good example of a locksmith drilling and overcharging for a lock which is not insurance approved in this post called How Much Should an Emergency Locksmith Cost?

You can read about fair locksmith prices here.

A Quick Guide To Choosing a Reliable Locksmith in your Area

The best time to choose a locksmith is in advance of an emergency. You don’t want to make an important decision about who to entrust your security to on a whim. I recommend choosing a good local locksmith and that you keep their contact details on hand in case of an emergency.

  1. Visit the MLA Website (http://www.locksmiths.co.uk/) and – search by your postcode.
  2. Call to enquire about the pricing structure and if they quote fixed prices.
  3. Check they are local, 24/7 locksmiths and hold van stock.
  4. Check online and offline for customer recommendations.
  5. Save the number in your phone for emergencies

Good luck with finding a reliable Locksmith in your area. I hope this has been helpful to you. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject.

North London Emergency Locksmith – MLA Approved

We are MLA Approved, experienced locksmiths based in Barnet. As mobile locksmiths we offer excellent value for money for high quality products, work and service. If you need a locksmith in North London or the surrounding area call us.

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