Emergency Locksmith Costs Can You Trust Them?

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In this post I am going to share with you the most frustrating thing about being an Emergency Locksmith. It’s something frustrating that happens on the job as a locksmith day in and day out. It’ s a problem for genuine local London locksmiths and customers alike.

Being a Locksmith in London is to say the least a competitive business. There are so many locksmiths in London it is unreal. IKS Locksmiths are based in barnet EN5 and in Barnet alone there are so many locksmiths showing on Google maps you would be amazed.

Choosing An Approved Emergency Locksmith in London

Believe it or not the UK Locksmith industry is not regulated by the government. You would think that our safety and security would be a priority but it is unfortunately an area that is overlooked. Locksmiths don’t even need to be DBS checked!

dbs checked locksmith in london

Why It’s Important to Choose an Approved Locksmith

What does a lack of regulation mean to you as a customer? There are a number of issues to be aware of;

  • Any Tom, Dick or Harry can legally operate as a locksmith
  • An ex criminal can operate as a locksmith
  • An individual with no experience can operate as a locksmith
  • Locksmiths can charge as they please – quoting and adding on later
  • You are not covered if a botched job is carried out

The Risks of Choosing a Rogue Locksmith

What can happen if you choose the wrong locksmith?

  • Over priced work – prices that seem to increase as the job progresses
  • Inferior workmanship and products
  • Inferior knowledge
  • Lack of security for your home – ex cons could be fixing your locks!

It is inevitable that the governments’ lack of concern and control for the UK’s security industry will result in some pretty unfortunate circumstances.

How to Avoid Choosing a Dishonest Locksmith

The way to avoid using an unsuitable locksmith is to choose a local locksmith who is approved by the Master Locksmith Association. The MLA is the UKs leading industry association set up as a not for profit organisation to establish standards, ethic and morals within the locksmith industry. Only by choosing your local MLA approved locksmith you can be sure that they are;

MLA approved locksmith
  • Police vetted
  • Qualified
  • Inspected

The problem is that most people are unaware of how easy it ease to choose a dodgy locksmith. Most people don’t realise that locksmiths don’t have to have any credentials or qualifications to operate. So many people are easily lured by the temptation of a low quote and don’t realise the what could happen.

Most people search online for locksmith near me and shop around for the best quote. A lot of people probably even search for cheap locksmith near me not realising the risks of calling a cheap locksmith. Choosing a cheapest locksmith is risky business. This is a guide of how much you should pay for a locksmith.

Expect a Fixed Price Locksmith Quote and No Call Out Charge

We do try to make customers aware that if they are being quoted a very low price that they can probably expect the price to increase on completion of the job and there is also a likelihood that the workmanship and materials may be below standard.

A genuine locksmith will quote a fixed competitive price. Always ask questions before agreeing to a locksmith price.

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Ripped Off By a Locksmith

There are too many occasions where a hard sell and a low price is just too tempting to refuse for customers. I have even had customers call me afterwards to tell me how they have been ripped off.

The situation is very unfortunate as a whole. Those of us who are genuine locksmiths are losing work to less trustworthy locksmiths prepared to resort to unethical methods of gaining work.

Cheap Locksmith London
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How To Report a Locksmith

The general public are subject to a legal form of deception due to a lack of awareness of the dangers of choosing a dishonest locksmith. You can read here about how to complain about a locksmith however you may not find the process effective.

report to google

Locksmiths Tricks

I have had the misfortune of seeing some of these underhand tactics first hand. I spent a short amount of time as an apprentice with a company, who I would not want to be associated with. They seemed genuine on the face of things, with an established high street premises in an affluent North London area but they had some very unorthodox quoting and advertising strategies which were shocking to me.

Honest and Trustworthy Locksmiths in London

Despite the difficulties that some of our more unsavoury competitors present, at IKS Locksmiths we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and will continue to offer competitive fixed prices for high quality workmanship and products. We can only hope to raise awareness of the unfortunate situation we have in the UK locksmith industry and the importance of choosing a local locksmith carefully. This is our guide to choosing a locksmith.

MLA Locksmith

Locksmith Regulations

I would be interested to know if you were aware the locksmith industry is unregulated by the government before reading this? I would also be interested know hear any locksmith stories you have?

Local MLA Approved Locksmiths in North London

If you are wondering who is the best MLA approved mobile locksmith near me? You can search here with your postcode for you local MLA locksmith http://www.locksmiths.co.uk/ and save their number in your phone so that you have it ready in an emergency.

At IKS we are a 24/7 locksmith preventing burglary in North London. We fit high quality locks, bespoke security grilles and safes and offer a free security survey. We would be delighted to hear from you with any questions you may have.

You may want to read my post about some of the more positive and amusing aspects of being a local London Locksmith. In the meantime all comments and questions are very welcome.

Stay Safe

Martin (The North London Locksmith)Save

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For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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