How to Lubricate Your Locks and Save Money – Basic Lock Maintenance Advice Everyone Should Know

As an experienced wooden. aluminium and UPVC door lock replacement and repairs locksmith I know that maintaining your locks can save you money and avoid lock problems! Your locks only require a little attention just a few times a year to keep things working as well as they can.

How Do You Clean a Dirty Lock?

I am often asked how I clean a door lock cylinder or mortice lock. Most locks can be cleaned quickly and easily with the use of a water displacing spray.

WD40 and GT85 are examples of this however it is important to know that some locks require the use of a specific product for cleaning. If you are unsure check with an experienced locksmith.

Top Tip: Check with a qualified locksmith if WD40 is suitable for cleaning your specific locks.

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What is WD40?

WD-40 is probably the most well know and popular brand of water displacing spray on the market.

WD40 is made of a combination of;

  • Lubricating oils
  • Performance additives
  • Solvents
  • Surfactants

Uses of WD40

WD40 can be used on metal surfaces to provide a range of benefits including;

  • Lubrication
  • Water displacement
  • Cleaning
  • Protection from rust

It is a very useful product and can be used to resolve a range of household and workplace problems such as;

  • Squeaky doors
  • Broken taps
  • Fridge door problems
  • Cleaning locks
  • The list goes on

A can of WD40 costs around £5 and can last years and resolve many problems.

WD40 Uses

What Can I use to Lubricate a Lock if I Don’t Have WD40?

You will need a product similar to WD40 which is suitable for your particular lock.

When I am asked what is the best lubricant for locks I tend would say that there are other brands which can be cheaper than WD40 such as GT85. As a locksmith providing professional door lock maintenance services I have tried different brands however I find that WD40 has the best spray nozzel.

I would always advise people to check if their locks require the use of a specific product.

Is it OK to Put WD40 in a Lock?

I have been asked if WD40 bad for locks? As mentioned before it really depends on the type of locks you have. Again it is important to check with a locksmith if your particular lock can be cleaned with WD40 or any equivalent product or if it requires something specific.

Locks I Use WD40 On

I use a good water displacer like WD40 on most household locks, such as night latches and British standard deadlocks. I also recommend using it on the door bolts of multi-point locks found on UPVC and double glazed doors.

Locks That Should Not Be Cleaned With WD40

An example of a lock which you should not use WD40 on is a Brisant Ultion High Security lock. Brisant Ultion locks are commonly found on UPVC and composite doors.

Using WD40 on a Brisant Ultion lock will unfortunately invalidate your warranty. Instead you need to use a specific lubricant recommended by Brisant.

If you are in any doubt call a reliable locksmith for advice.

Brisant Ultion high security lock
Brisant Ultion High Security Lock

How To Lubricate a Lock?

Whether you want to know how to lubricate a padlock, a basic door lock or a high security lock it is quick and easy. Once you have confirmed the right product for cleaning your lock you can do the job yourself following our simple lock maintenance tips.

Why it Pays to Maintain Your Locks?

Spending 5 minutes every few months cleaning your locks could help you avoid calling a locksmith in an emergency

Calling out a locksmith can be costly, to see just how costly take a look at this article about how much a locksmith costs.

locksmith costs

Quick Guide to Lubricating a Lock

Ensure you are using the product suited to your particular locks. The can of lubricant comes with a straw,

  1. Simply spray the product into the lock and around the bolt
  2. Be ready with kitchen paper to catch the excess liquid that comes out.

The lubricant that comes out will bring with it a lot of the dirt that has been in your lock. As a result the inside of your lock will run more smoothly. Easy!

By doing this quick and easy job every couple of months, you will be both cleaning and protecting your lock and could quite possibly save unnecessary expense.

Old Locks Maintenance

Old locks are those that date before 1960 when lock regulations and standards were introduced. These are locks that may need a little more attention and maintenance. They may need to be taken apart, cleaned and put back together.

Always use a professional qualified Locksmith for this kind of job. Refer to our guide on how to choose a locksmith which recommends always choosing an MLA locksmith in your local area.

New Locks Maintenance

Once you are aware of the importance of maintaining locks and you have your locks checked and approved by a professional you are sure to get the most out of your locks and avoid unnecessary outlay.

If you are unsure if your locks are suitable you are advised to book a security survey to assess the situation and put your mind at rest. It is a free service with most locksmiths.

new lock maintenance

Lock Maintainance Problems

IKS Locksmiths are an MLA approved emergency locksmith in North London. On a daily basis as a locksmith I come across situations that could have been avoided or resolved with a simple squirt of lubricant. Why waste your money?

I have come to realise that many people are unaware of the importance of looking after their locks and just how simple and easy it is.
Hopefully these simple but effective tips will save people some inconvenience, time and unnecessary expense this year.

To arrange a free security survey get in touch.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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