The Safest and Most Dangerous Areas in Barnet

If you are thinking of moving to Barnet and trying to choose the safest area, this Borough of Barnet crime review may help you to decide the best areas to live in.

As emergency locksmiths based in High Barnet we notice that particular areas of the Borough are targeted by intruders. It is in these areas that we find a higher demand for emergency repairs and high security measures. It is not unusual for neighbours in the area to upgrade their security following a burglary locally. You can read our post on how to maximise home security following a burglary here.

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Barnet is One of the Safest Areas in London

Are you are looking into safe areas to live in London? Barnet is one of the safest boroughs in London, ranking in the top ten safest areas to live in London. This takes into account all types of crime, not just burglary. Barnet is also one of the top 20 safest areas in the UK making it a popular place to live with many people choosing to move to the area.

Most Reported Crimes in London

In London as a whole the most common reports in order of the most incidents are;

  1. Vehicle crime
  2. Anti social behavior
  3. Burglary
  4. Robbery
Image courtesy of Informedmag

Reported Crimes in Barnet

Is Barnet safe in relation to the rest of London? You can see from the graph showing Barnet crime rates that reports for all types of crime fall below the London average except for 2 which are higher;

  1. Vehicle crime
  2. Burglary
Crime in Barnet Compared to London
Crime in Barnet Compared to London, image courtesy of crimerate.co.uk

Despite the crime rate in Barnet falling in both these areas from 2019 to 2020, the area is above the average rate for vehicle crime and burglary for London as a whole. In fact, in November 2020 Barnet experienced the highest rates of burglary in all of London.

The Most Dangerous and Safest Areas in the Borough of Barnet

As with any area, there are parts of Barnet that have higher crime rates than others. Here we list the best and worst places to live in barnet in terms of crime in general. This Barnet borough crime rate analysis could be useful if you are thinking of moving to the area and are deciding where to live in Barnet.

Barnet sign
Image courtesy of Botannika High Barnet

The 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Barnet

  1. Brent Cross & Staples Corner
  2. Edgware Central
  3. Colney Hatch
  4. Golders Green South
  5. Mill Hill Park
  6. Hendon Central
  7. West Hendon
  8. Burnt Oak & Watling Park
  9. New Barnet Town & East Barnet
  10. North Finchley

The Top 10 Safest Areas in The Borough of Barnet

  1. West Finchley
  2. Oak Hill
  3. Osidge
  4. Mill Hill Broadway
  5. Woodside Park
  6. Edgware Park
  7. Edgware East
  8. East Finchley
  9. Copthall & Downage
  10. Finchley Central

Hadley & High Barnet crime rates are around the middle at 25th out of a list of 40 areas. Neighbouring New Barnet crime rates are significantly higher. This information relates to all types of crime in the Borough of Barnet.

At IKS Locksmiths we are burglary prevention specialists so we would like to focus on the Barnet areas with the highest and lowest burglary rates. As emergency locksmiths, we notice that we are called out to more emergencies in affluent areas of Barnet which have lower overall crime rates.

Areas of Barnet with High Rates of Burglary

As locksmiths living in Barnet we are well aware of Burglary trends in the area. In our recent post 10 Good Reasons To Live in High Barnet we mentioned that Barnet is one of the top ten safest London areas. As a follow on we thought we would delve further into burglary rates in different areas of Barnet.

Between 2019 – 2020 the Barnet area with the lowest burglary rate was Oak Hill. Whilst Golders Green South had the highest rate of burglary in Barnet.

High Barnet
High Barnet High Street, Image Courtesy of oatsy40

The police website shows more recent crime rates for each Barnet area here. You can search individual areas and view the figures per month to find out the best places to live in Barnet in relation to particular types of crime. We have searched for the number of burglaries in Barnet Areas in October 2021 and show the results below.

Burglaries in Barnet in October 2021

  • East Barnet 14 (This covers Oak Hill which was said to have the lowest overall crime rate)
  • Childs Hill 17 (This covers Golders Green South which was said to have the lowest overall crime rate)
  • West Hampstead 16
  • Mill Hill 15
  • Totteridge 8
  • West Finchley 6
  • Oakleigh 6
  • High Barnet 5
  • West Hendon 4

As we have noticed from emergency calls we receive, it does appear that there are higher rates of burglary in some more affluent areas with lower overall levels of crime. Some of the nicer places to live in Barnet, like Mill Hill and Totteridge can become a target for intruders. The burglary crime rate in High Barnet is lower than areas like West Hampstead and East Barnet. We regularly attend the scene of a break-in and it is usually as a result of poor security choices. Professional burglars look for easy opportunities. You can read about how intruders break into properties here.

Burglary Prevention

If you are concerned about burglaries in your area, there are a number of ways to upgrade your home security to avoid becoming a target. From high security locks, security grilles and safes to door reinforcement, showing that you take your security seriously will put intruders off even trying to access your home. Read our Ultimate Guide to Burglary Prevention here. Follow us on Facebook for professional security advice and tips.

If you need an emergency locksmith in Barnet or would like to arrange a security survey, contact us.

How can we help you?

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