8 Reasons to Choose Window Security Grilles over Roller Shutters

Office Retractable Security Grilles

Window Security Grilles and window roller shutters really offer that edge when it comes to high security. We are specialists in fixed security grilles for windows and doors as well as roller shutters supply and installation in London. They are sure to deter even the most professional burglar. If you are feeling uneasy about your window security and want to ensure it is the best it can be this is the route to take.

Are Security Grilles Better Than Roller Shutters?

Many customers are unsure if they should choose security grilles or roller shutters. On the whole I recommend choosing security grilles over roller shutters however it does depend on the situation.

Advice From An Experienced Security Specialist

There are some cases where roller shutters are more suitable for commercial premises. It is important to have your property surveyed by a security specialist to establish the best security solution for your individual needs. You can read about security grilles for shop front security here.

We have some customers who request domestic roller shutters or window security shutters. For some commercial properties these can be ideal however when it comes to residential properties I usually recommend security grilles for windows.

8 Advantages of Choosing Security Grilles Over Roller Shutters

As security specialists we know that security grilles are the better choice in many cases. Knowing the pros and cons will allow you to make an informed decision.

Advantages of security grilles over roller shutters

Here we share the top 8 advantages of choosing security grilles over roller shutters.

1) They Allow Light Into the Property When Secured

Whether you have fixed or retractable grilles on your windows, you can have them in the secured position without loosing light flow into the property and visibility out of the property.

A solid heavy roller shutter can feel quite oppressive when secured.

Window with bespoke security grilles.

2) Retractable Security Grilles Can be Neatly Hidden Behind Curtains When Open

When planning your security grilles you can choose for the grilles to be stacked on both sides or on one side. A security grilles specialist will help you to choose the most discreet option.

Roller shutters can be quite bulky at the top of the window when stacked away.

retractable security grilles installed in house window.

3) Well Designed Security Grilles Can Add to The Kerb Appeal of a Property

When done well, by an experienced professional security grilles can look attractive and even add to the appeal and value of the property.

shop security grilles

It is all about choosing the best security grilles solution for the individual scenario, something that a professional will be able to advise on. There are a range of bespoke security grilles options to explore such as;

Georgian Grilles

IKS are aligned window security bars specialists. As professionals experienced in installing Georgian bars in windows we discreetly align the grilles with the window beading to be almost invisible.

security grilles installed in georgian windows.
Can You Notice The Georgian Security Grilles are Installed on the Right and not on the Left?

Collapsible or Retractable grilles

Retractable security grilles are available in a range of designs and colours to suit the property and the customers needs. A specialist will be able to help you choose the ideal solution for your property; the style, the colour and how the grilles will stack whether that is on each side or on one side.

black retractable grilles

Fixed Security Bars

Fixed grilles can be designed to be in keeping with the property and to allow windows to be opened.

fixed security bars in house

Bespoke Decorative Security Grilles

Decorative grilles can be designed to the customers specific design requirements.

The range of options available allows the look of the security grilles to be tailored to compliment the look of the property and achieve an appealing result.

Roller shutters can look heavy, industrial and obtrusive. Which is not suitable for residential properties in particular.

4) Fixed & Retractable Grilles Allow Windows to Be Opened When in The Secured Position

Security grilles can be designed to allow windows to be opened without compromising the security levels. This can be done with both fixed and retractable security grilles.

bespoke fixed security grilles

Roller shutters are either open or closed there is no middle ground.

5) Grilles Installation is Less Intrusive

Security grilles installation is relatively simple and an non invasive to the decor and features of your property.

Roller shutters can require more cutting into brickwork and woodwork to accommodate installation.

IKS locksmiths installing a retractable security grille.

6) Lower Maintenance is Required for Security Grilles

There is little maintenance required for security grilles. You simply need to keep them clean and clear of dust.

Roller shutters are likely to require more maintenance because the workings are more bulky and complex. This particularly applies to electrical roller shutters.

7) Grilles Can Be Fitted Inside or Outside the Property

Security grilles can be fitted on the inside or outside a property depending on which option is preferred and most suitable. For example it would not be advisable to fit external fixed grilles on a window where the windows open outward as it would restrict opening.

retractable security grilles installed in house.

Roller shutters are only suitable for installation externally and not internally.

8) Security Grilles Can Be More Cost Effective

Security grilles and gates can be cheaper than roller shutters to buy, install and maintain. You can read about what affects the cost of security grilles here.

Roller shutters can be more expensive on both a long term and short term basis.

security grilles installed in window
Office Window Grilles

Security Grilles or Roller Shutters – Which are More Secure?

Security grilles and roller shutters can be equally secure. The suitability of each depends on the individual situation.

A security specialist would consider the;

  • Property use
  • Property contents
  • Location

Both roller shutters and security grilles provide high levels of security. Both are an excellent deterrent and way to physically keep intruders out of your property.

Security Grilles Installation

At IKS Locksmiths we are MLA Approved security specialists. We pride ourselves on installing high quality bespoke security grilles for windows and doors in North London and the surrounding areas of London and Hertfordshire. It is important to us the the grilles not only offer high security but also complement and add aesthetic value to a property.

The look and feel of the finished product is of the upmost importance.

Expertise in Security Grilles Installation

Many IKS customers say that the grilles we have installed have actually enhanced the look of the property. We achieve this by putting a lot of thought and consideration into the design of the grilles.

All aspects of each window security grille are given careful consideration;

  • Measurements – they must be precise and accurate
  • Types – fixed bars or collapsible grilles
  • Style – discreet or decorative
  • Colour – black, white or other
  • Design – tailored to the property and requirements

All of these aspects are tailored specifically to the customers’ needs. They are all crucial to the look of the finished product.

You can read more about our approach to fitting security grilles here.

Can Security Grilles Look Good?

We do have some customers who are unsure about security grilles for windows at first but when we show them our security grilles gallery they can actually become very enthusiastic about the idea.

There is nothing more rewarding for us than to hear a customer who is delighted with the look of their security grilles as well as the high level of security it offers them.

These georgian grilles were fitted in Golders Green. We aligned the bars with the window beading making them aesthetically appealing.

bespoke security grille made to measure for house window.

Security Grilles in North London – Where They are Popular

We tend to see a high demand for grilles in Hampstead Garden Suburb, Golders Green, Mill Hill, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Camden, Islington, Hadley Wood, Arkley. All over North London really!

Window security grilles are becoming not only increasingly necessary but more desirable. You can read here about the recent increase in the popularity of security grilles.

security grilles open and closed
Collapsible Grilles Installed in Finchley, North London

Choosing An Installer for Security Grilles

It is important to choose a locksmith who is a specialist in window security grilles in order to achieve the look you are expecting or even to exceed you expectations.

My top tip is to choose an MLA approved grilles installation expert who has personal experience in both measuring for security grilles, as well as security grilles installation.

MLA logo

If you are concerned about your security our recent guide on burglary prevention will give you some simple tips which can really help.

Please do get in touch if you are considering security grilles installation in London or Hertfordshire. We would be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.


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