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If you are looking for a high quality fireproof safe at a competitive price we can help. As property security specialists based in North London we are experienced in safe installation. We install fireproof safes in both businesses and homes in and around the London area.

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Our Top Recommended Fire Safes

burton firesec 460 safe

The Fire Safe 4

£4k cash rated safe with a 60 minute fire rating.

burton firesec 1060 safe

The Fire Safe 10

£10k cash rated with a 60 minute fire rating

The Master Digital Lock

60 minute fire protection at 927 degrees or 120 minutes at 1010 degrees.

phoenix spectrum safe

The Scope

Tested to the international NT Fire 017-60 fire test standard, providing 60 minute fire protection for paper documents.

burg wachter diplomat safe

The Defence

Certified protection against fire according to EN 15659 (2009),
60 minutes fire protection for paper

burg wachter fp43e safe

The Fortitude

Digital safe with a 60 minute fire rating.

*NB. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT, delivery and installation. Prices are subject to slight fluctuations depending on safe suppliers pricing.

Why Buy a Fireproof Safe from IKS Locksmiths?

Unlike many other safe companies we provide a one to one service. Our Master Locksmith will offer you advice to ensure you choose the best safe and installation for you needs.

MLA approved locksmith and CRB checked
  • We are qualified and approved MLA approved Security Specialists
  • You will have a direct line to our Master Locksmith (no call centre)
  • Advice from an experienced safe installation expert
  • High quality safes, installation and customer service

We aim to make your experience of buying a safe as simple as possible.

Advice on Choosing a Fireproof Safe and Installation

IKS locksmiths fireproof safe specialists

Unlike many online safe retailers we work together closely with our customers to establish the most suitable safe, position and installation method for everyone. Every fireproof safe installation needs to be carefully considered to ensure it in right for the customer and that they get the best possible value for money.

Perhaps you have seen a fireproof safe for sale but are unsure if it is suitable for your needs. Buying a fireproof safe is an investment that you need to get right!

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NB: Claims of DIN 4102 providing protection from fire for safe contents are questionable and have been disproved.

The Best Fireproof Safe Options

When choosing a safe be aware of varying quality and performance levels.

We are MLA approved fireproof safe specialists and there are certain safes we recommend based on our experience. Burton fireproof safes provide excellent quality and value. It is important to choose the right safe for each individual case.

Fireproof Home Safe

These are some our preferred fireproof home safes;

Burton Firebrand Safes

Burton Firebrand fireproof safe

An excellent choice if you are looking for a budget fireproof safe for home use. It is a 60mins fire resistant safe for paper and has a £1K cash rating. If you are looking for a fireproof document safe the size 3 Firebrand safe is the perfect size for A4 files

Burton Home Safe

Burtons Home Safe in a Grade 0, £6K cash rated is available with 30 mins fire resistance. This can be a good fireproof safe for home use as well as for commercial purposes.

Fireproof Safes for Business Security

We regularly install Burton Firesec Safes for commercial use.

Burton Firesec Safes Range

Burton Firesec 460 Fireproof Safe
  • The Firesec 460 Safe provides 60 mins fire resistance and a £4k cash rating.
  • The Firesec 1060 Safe provides 60 mins fire resistance and a £10K cash rating.

These are just some of the preferred safes in our range. We supply a selection of safes to suit a range of needs and budget. We work with a number of safe companies, to source just the right safe, including; Insafe, Burg Wächter, Phoenix Safes, Dudley Safes, Burton Safes and De Raat Safes.

IKS Fireproof Safes Range

In our range we have a full selection of fireproof safe types and sizes to suit varying budgets and requirements;

  • Graded safes
  • Digital, key operated, dual or biometric fireproof safes
  • Large to small fireproof safes
  • Fireproof money safes
  • Fireproof document safes
  • High security fireproof safes
  • Fire and water-resistant safes (fire and waterproof safes are rare but can be sourced)
  • Fireproof euro grade safes
  • Insurance approved safes with fire resistance
  • Fireproof luxury safes
  • Fireproof gun safes
  • Fireproof home wall safes

Whether you want to know what’s the best small fireproof safe or you want to buy a luxury fireproof safe, we will work with you to ensure that you are entirely happy with your final choice. Our aim is to exceed your expectations. At IKS Locksmiths we are more than just an online safe retailer.

We have fire safes for sale which can be delivered to you within 2 to 3 days. You can choose basic delivery or add professional installation of your safe. To buy a fireproof safe in London or Hertfordshire contact us:

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.


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