Graded Safes And Rating Guide

phoenix mercury safe
Phoenix Mercury Grade 2 Safe

Advice on Choosing A Graded Safe

If you want to know which Euro graded safe or non graded safe to choose give us a call and we can help you to decide.

We are MLA approved experienced safes installation specialists.

What are Graded Safes?

Graded safes are required for insurance purposes on many occasions.

Safe Grades Explained

The safe grade defines the safes ability to withstand attack. Graded safes are tested to European Standard EN1143-1. Safe grades range from 0 to 7 with 7 providing the highest level of protection.

Grade 0 is the graded safe with the lowest cash rating of £6000 and grade 7 has the highest cash rating of £250,000. Below we tell you what the ratings are for each safe grade 0-7.

What Are Euro Graded Safe Ratings?

Graded safes ranging from grades 0 – 7 provide the following cash and valuables ratings;

burton home safe
Burton Home Safe Grade 0

Grade 0 Safe

  • £6000 cash rating
  • £60,000 valuables rating

Grade 1 Safe

  • £10,000 cash rating
  • £100,00 valuable rating

Grade 2 Safe

  • £17,500 cash rating
  • £175,000 valuables rating
dudley europa grade 3 safe
Dudley Grade 3 Europa Safe

Grade 3 Safe

  • £35,000 cash rating
  • £350,000 valuables rating

Grade 4 Safe

  • £60,000 cash rating
  • £600,000 valuable rating

Grade 5 Safe

  • £100,000 cash rating
  • £1000,000 valuables rating

Grade 6 Safe

  • £150,000 cash rating
  • £1500,000 valuables rating

Grade 7 Safe

  • £250,000 cash rating
  • £2500,000 valuables rating

Buying Non Euro Graded Safes

You can also buy non graded safes that have a cash rating as low as £1000 and up to £4000. High quality non graded safes are a good option for those who;

  • Plan to store lower value items up to the value of £4,000.
  • Would like a small budget safe for home or business purposes.

Non Graded Safe Ratings

£1000 cash rated safe

burton eurovoault aver grade1 safe
Burton Aver S2 £4000 Cash Rated Safe
  • £10,000 valuables rating

£2000 cash rated safe

  • £20,000 valuables rating

£3000 cash rated safe

  • £30,000 valuables rating

£4000 cash rated safe

  • £40,000 valuables rating

The Burton Aver S2 £4K cash rated safe is our best selling non graded safe.

We are experienced MLA approved specialists in safe installation. If you need advice on buying a safe give us call to discuss your needs.

Here are the answers to some other frequently asked questions about buying a graded safe.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Safe?

When buying a safe consider what you want to keep in the safe and the value of the contents. This will help you to decided what you need in terms of;

  • Safe grade – the value of contents protection required
  • Safe size – how big the items to be stored are and the space you have to accomodate the safe
  • Safe functionality – ie. fire resistance, water resistance, the locking method
Safe for valuables

The safe grade you need is determined by the value of contents to be stored in the safe.

You can read advice on choosing the best safe here.

Do I Need a Euro Graded Safe for Insurance?

When it comes to taking out insurance on the contents of a safe the grade of the safe you have will determine the level of insurance coverage that you can get on the contents.

How Heavy Should a Home Safe Be?

The weight of the safe relates to the safe grade. The safe grade needed depends on the value of the contents and level of protection required. Higher graded safes will be heavier and more resistant to intrusion.

Graded safe weights range from around 65 kg for a grade 0 safe up to as heavy as 2,350 kg for a grade 7 safe. Safe weights vary depending on the safe make and model.

digital safe - consort electronic safe
Burton Consort Electronic Safe

What is a Cash Rating for Safes?

The cash rating of a safe refers to the level that the contents of the safe can be insured for by your insurance company. For example if you have a £35,000 in a safe your insurance company will require the safe to be £35,000 cash rated to provide insurance cover. This would be a grade 3 safe.

What Does Valuables Rating Mean on Safes?

If you had a £35,000 watch you would need a safe with a £35,000 valuable rating for insurance purposes. This would be a grade 0 safe.

Which Secure Graded Safe Should I Choose?

If you plan to keep multiple items in a safe or if you plan to add to the items stored in your safe in the future then it is advisable to future proof by choosing a safe with a higher rating. Think about the maximum likely value to be stored in your safe to decide on the best safe grade to choose for your needs.

So if you plan to keep a number of items in your safe, for example;

  • £35,000 watch
  • £10,000 Jewellery
  • £50,000 Cash

You may need to choose a higher safe grade to be covered by your insurance company.

Burton Luxury Safe

Where to Buy a Secure Graded Safe?

Getting advice from an experienced safes installation expert will ensure that you get the best value for money. It is important to get advice professional advice on;

  • The best safe
  • The best location for your safe
  • The best safe installation method

You can read more about safe installation here.

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