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If you are locked out of your house, flat or business premises we can help. IKS Locksmiths are a professional MLA approved, fast 24 hr emergency locksmith in London.

We are highly experienced in emergency lock openings. Our vans are well stocked to carry out a quick and efficient lockout service at excellent fixed prices.

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Locked Out of the House?

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Read on to find out what to do if you are locked out of your house? From trying to unlock the door yourself to calling a reliable 24 hr locked out locksmith service.

We are qualified, DBS Checked and approved by The Master Locksmiths Association.

What to Do When Locked Out of Your House

We are always keen to save our customers money and will give advice on the phone on how to sort the problem if we can. There are a limited number of ways you can open a locked door yourself. It really depends on the circumstances.

If you can wait and get a key from someone else that could be worthwhile to save you money. Climbing to access through a window is more risk than it is worth, as is trying to open the lock yourself and break windows. You could regret any of the things unless you know what you are doing. Methods for opening a lock will depend on the circumstances.

How to Open a Locked Door When Locked Out Out of My House

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Ways to open a lock will depend on how you became locked out from your home, your locks and general circumstances.

As professional locksmiths helping lots of people who are locked out in London we can establish how to unlock a door lock by asking a few questions. When we get an emergency locksmith lockout call we ask the following questions (that any locksmith should ask to provide an accurate fixed price quote);

1) Where are you located?

Knowing where you are based allows us to quote you an accurate arrival time.

2) Do you have identification that shows that you live at the property?

We need identification that shows the customer lives at the property to unlock a door. This is a standard emergency lockout service requirement. So always carry some kind of ID with you.

3) Do you require an emergency lockout service?

An emergency house lockout at night will cost more than a lockout during normal working hours. You may wish to consider your options in terms of waiting until the morning to have the door opened to save money or to go ahead with the emergency rate if you need you door opened urgently.

4) Where are your keys?

  • Have you locked keys in your house?
  • Are your keys lost or have your keys been stolen?
  • Do you have the keys but they are not working?

Maybe you have lost your keys, the key is stuck in the door or broken, or your key is on the inside of the door. The lock out circumstances will affect the means of accessing the property.

5) Do you have a wooden, composite or UPVC Door?

The type of door and lock will affect how we open the door.

6) Do you have a letter box?

This helps us to establish how we can open the door.

7) How Many Locks Do You Have That Need to Be Opened?

  • Just a Cylinder lock?
  • Just a deadlock?
  • Both a cylinder and deadlock?

If you are locked out of an apartment you may need your communal door opened as well as your apartment door. It is necessary to get permission from the managing agents to open a communal door lock.

A Fair Fixed Price Locksmith Lockout Quote

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Only when we know the answers to these questions can we advise you on the best way forward and provide you with an accurate fixed price quote for an emergency house lockout.

We may even be able to help you to open the door yourself with advice on the phone.

Beware of locksmiths quoting low and not asking questions. You could end up paying over the odds for an amateur house lockout service. For example, if you see Islington N1 locksmiths quoting £49 to open a door you should be very wary.

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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Unlock Your House?

what does no call out charge mean?

Our emergency locksmith lockout service is very competitively priced and you can expect excellent value for money.

  • Experienced professional emergency locksmith’s
  • High quality locks
  • Quick reliable response times
  • Excellent customer service

We charge a fixed price rate and only charge for work completed. We don’t charge a call out charge.

The cost of a lock opening will be based on;

A labour charge + The cost of any parts (if they are needed) + Vat

You can read about realistic emergency locksmith charges for a home lockout service here.

Non Destructive Entry

We aim to open your door and keep your lock intact. Drilling the lock will be an absolute last resort.

Beware of locksmiths drilling locks unnecessarily for financial gain.

Tenant Locked Out

If you are a tenant renting your home and are locked out you should call your landlord to discuss who is responsible for paying the locksmith. This will depend on the circumstances and should be agreed, in advance of the door being opened by a locksmith, based on details in the rental contract.

Either way it is advisable to allow the landlord to call a locksmith to make decision regarding locks on their property in case there are any issues.

Approved 24hr Emergency Locksmith for Landlords

If you are a landlord and your tenant is locked out call us for a competitive quote and reliable service. We are MLA approved experts dealing with rental tenants and block management. High standards of security are vital when it comes to rental properties.

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How Long Does it Take a Locksmith to Unlock a Door?

IKS Locksmiths are experienced at opening locks and carry out emergency lockouts quickly and efficiently. The time is takes to open a lock really depends on the particular job and the answers to the lock out questions we have listed above. Some locks, such as high security locks can take longer to open that others.

Types of Locks We Open

We are experienced at opening all types of locks;

  • Rim Cylinder locks
  • Euro cylinder locks
  • Composite and UPCV door locks
  • Deadlocks
  • High security locks

If you do need a lock replacement we will replace the lock with a high quality lock at a very competitive price. We provide excellent value for money and customer satisfaction is very important to us as a local 24 hr locksmith in North London.

Commercial Emergency Lockout Service

MLA approved locksmiths

IKS Locksmiths provide a professional emergency security service for both home and commercial. If you are locked out of your business premises and need the locks opened in an emergency we will prioritise your call.

Locked Out in North London

If you are locked out of your home or business in North London and need a local emergency locksmith in North London call us for a quick response, high quality lockout service at excellent prices.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.


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