Standard and Auto Deadlocking Nightlatch Installation

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IKS are lock specialists in London experienced in installing deadlocking nightlatches for security and insurance purposes.

When people think of a deadlocking nightlatch Yale is the brand that usually springs to mind and what most people ask for. We install a comprehensive range of high quality locks. Whether you need a locksmith to install a Yale deadlocking nightlatch or an Era auto deadlocking nightlatch we can help. Our experienced locksmiths will advise you on the best lock type and brand to suit your door and budget.

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What is a Deadlocking Nightlatch?

There are 2 types of deadlocking nightlatch locksmiths install.

  1. Key Deadlocking Nightlatch – these are locked with a key from outside the door, usually with an additional 360 degree turn, with the key. The problem with a key deadlocking nightlatch is that people inside the property could get trapped if there is a fire and can’t find the key. These cannot be used on flat or communal doors.
  2. Automatic Deadlocking Nightlatch –  no key is required as the bolt deadlocks automatically on closing. This means the lock can’t be slipped open easily if installed correctly. It also means that occupants could escape easily in the event of a fire with the use of the internal lever.

It is always advisable to use a professional locksmith for deadlocking nightlatch installation. It is vital to choose the best lock in the correct size. Mistakes can be costly.

Choosing The Best Auto Deadlocking Nightlatch

There are 2 Types of Auto deadlocking nightlatch;

  1. Standard auto deadlocking nightlatch
  2. British Standard deadlocking nightlatch – this is a high security nightlatch made and fitted to British Standard BS:3621 or BS8621. There is an anti drill feature with a British Standard auto deadlocking nightlatch. This is what you need to choose if you are looking for an insurance approved nightlatch.

If you need a British Standard lock for insurance purposes choose an Era, Union or Yale auto deadlocking nightlatch. Era auto deadlocking nightlatches have become increasingly popular.

Why Upgrade a Non Deadlocking Nightlatch?

yale nightlatch

A basic night latch does not have the bolt that shoots out to deadlock it. This makes a door much more vulnerable to burglary by forced entry. If you don’t have a deadlocking night latch it is vital to use a 5 lever deadlock for security and insurance purposes. A basic nighlatch alone is insufficient to secure a door.

The Best High Security Deadlocking Nightlatch

A Yale deadlocking night latch for high security is a good investment. Union and Era deadlock night latches are equally good. Clients in London areas like Knightsbridge and Kensington often opt for Banham auto deadlocking night latch installation. The brand you choose will depend on what is needed for your door and your budget. Speak to our experts for advice on the best lock for your door.

Professional Deadlocking Nightlatch Locksmiths London

We have over 15 years of experience in securing homes and businesses across London. If you are looking for an MLA approved locksmith for professional high security lock installation in London or Hertfordshire contact us for a competitive quote.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.


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