Wooden door

4 Cost Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Front Door and Improve Security

As an experienced MLA approved home and commercial security locksmith in London, I find that in some cases, it makes sense to install a completely new door or special security doors but it’s not always necessary. It may be the case that you can keep your existing door and strengthen it with security accessories. Doing this could save you a lot of money! New doors can be very expensive. Is...
Eurovault Aver White

The Best Safe To Buy? Burton Eurovaults Aver – A Product Review

Burton Safes Euro Vaults are up there with the best safes on the market. As Master Locksmiths based in North London, we install Burton vaults as well as other safes regularly in both home and commercial security situations across the UK. Why Choose Aver Eurovaults? I find these are one of the best safes for most circumstances. What I like about Eurovaults; They are very high...
Matt Allwright BBC Rogue Traders

BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders Feature North London Locksmith 8th May 2019

I run a North London based MLA Approved master locksmiths company. Because I'm a local locksmith in North London I was very interested to hear of the BBC Watchdog programme on North London based AM Locksmiths. I missed it on Wednesday because I was at the monthly Master Locksmiths Association meeting. I watched it on BBC iPlayer and I am pleased to see Rogue Traders highlighting dishonest...