5 Key Decisions When Designing Bespoke Security Grilles

security grilles

As London specialists in made to measure security grilles for windows and doors we are well versed on the dos and don’ts when designing made to measure security grilles.

It is important to get the design spot on in terms of;

  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Aesthestics

Advice from an experienced grilles installation expert will ensure that you invest in the best security grilles for your property.

Acheiving Your Ideal Security Grilles Design

Whether you want a secure front door grille design as a feature for your house or attractive security grilles for windows indoors which appears almost invisible there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.

5 Important Choices for Attractive Security Grilles Installation

There are a number of decisions to make when choosing security grille designs for windows and doors. An experienced security grilles specialist will advise you on making sound choices when designing your bespoke security grilles.

1) Internal or External Security Grilles?

There are various factors that may dictate whether you have the option to have window security grilles indoors or outdoors. The decision can come down to preference and practicality but what is feasible can often be dictated by the layout and configuration of a property.

External Grilles Installation

We get lots of requests for external security grilles installation. This can work well but is not always the most suitable option and it is not always possible. For example,

  • If your windows open outwards external grilles can prevent windows from opening
  • If your property is in a conservation area external grilles may not be allowed

They work well when there are no restrictions and windows open inwards or with sash windows. When grilles are installed on the outside of a property they can be locked from the outside and the inside.

external collapsible security grilles
External Retractable Gates (Open and Locked) and Traditional Burglar Bars

Internal Grilles Installation

Internal security grilles can be designed to look practically invisible or they can be made to be an attractive feature. Grilles inside a property allow the user to lock up without going outside. Internal window grilles work well but it is often better to have a door gate installed on the outside.

Georgian internal security grilles installed
Internal Georgian Style Bars in a Nursery

Sometimes a combination of internal and external security grilles works well.

security grilles for windows and doors
External Burglar Bars and Internal S Style Collapsible Gates

2) What Type and Style of Security Grilles Will Suit Your Property

Many people are unaware of the wide range of options when it comes to security grilles. The main types of grilles for windows and doors are;

Collapsible Security Grilles

Retractable security gates for doors and windows come in the S or X style design.

black retractable grilles

Georgian Security Grilles

Georgian security bars can appear almost invisible when well designed. They are a popular choice with clients looking for attractive security grilles for windows.

georgian security bars which appear invisible to the eye

Traditional Fixed Bars

With traditional burglar bars you can choose from square or round bars in different thicknesses.

traditional fixed burglar bars
External Fixed Square 16mm Burglar Bars

Another option is mesh for window security. An experienced security specialist can advise you on the best type of security grilles for your particular property.

Read our guide to types of security grilles for windows and doors to find out more about attractive security grilles designs that don’t look ugly.

3) What is the Best Layout and Configuration?

When it comes to designing security grilles it is important to have a thorough understanding of the installation process, what will work in the property and what will be most convenient for the homeowner. For example;

  • If a patio has a standard door which opens on the left it may be advisable to stack the security grilles to the right when open to avoid the doorway being obstructed
  • If a window design in symetrical stacking the security grilles 50/50 to each side makes sense

It is all in the detail. Foresight, experience and knowledge is important when planning the finer details of made to measure grilles design. In some security grilles companies quotes and measure ups are done by sales people with no grilles installation experience. Always check that your choosen security grilles designer has expertise in the installation and completion of projects in addition to experience in precise measuring, planning and design.

retractable security grilles
Collapsible Security Grilles Neatly Stacked on Both Sides

4) What Feature Details Could Enhance the Look?

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to design features. These could be design features for practical reasons. For example accomodating a;

  • Letter box
  • Cat flap
  • Windows opening
fixed window bars

Or more decorative features such as adaptions to;

  • Accomodate window boxes
  • Add a bespoke decorative design within the metal
wrought iron security gate
Traditional Wrought Iron Security Gate in Edgware

There are so many possibilities. We always rise to the challenge when it comes to security grilles design and we have produced many successful designs over the years. From security grilles that appear invisible to decorative security grilles for windows and doors with the wow factor, there are so many possibilities with made to measure grilles design.

5) Which Colour and Finish to Choose?

Experience allows us to advise our clients on what colours will look best on a particular project. Not all customers follow our advice, but most do. The most suitable colour will be mainly dependent on the colour of your window frames and the inner beading.

Our security grilles are high quality with a powder coated finish for weather resistance and to stand the test of time.

invisible look security grilles installation in dark navy
Invisible look Georgian Security Grilles in Dark Navy in Hampstead

View security grilles images, ideas and inspiration here in our image galleries and on IKS social media.

IKS are specialists in bespoke security grilles design and installation. We have been proud members of the Master Locksmiths Association for over 12 years. We design and install bespoke grilles for commercial and home security across London or Hertfordshire. Contact us for more information on our professional security grilles service.

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