A Guide to Buying Security Gates for Doors

security door grilles

If you want to step security levels up a notch metal security doors really add a great deal in terms of security to a home or commercial property. Despite common misconceptions about gates for doors and window security bars they can also really add to the kerb appeal of a property.

Read here about how thieves break into properties and you will understand the need for security gates, especially in particular areas.

Getting Good Value Security Gates

At IKS Locksmiths we install high security door gates as well as window gates. Our security gates are of the highest quality and are on a par with more expensive branded security gates. It’s not always necessary to pay extra for a brand name. So many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at just how much they like the look and functionality of their security gates once they are installed. This is because each security gate is bespoke and extremely high quality.

Customers Reactions to Security Gate Installations

We have many happy customers who are delighted with the results. It is always a pleasure to get such positive feedback. Just last week I had a call from a customer who had arranged for security gates to be fitted to his daughter’s property in Edgware. He was so pleased to know that she would now be really secure and he was delighted with her reaction to the look of the security gates. It’s always so rewarding to hear such positive feedback from customers. I think the thing about security gates is that they do provide a real sense of security and peace of mind and in most cases customers are pleasantly surprised at just how good they can look if done properly.

It’s All in the Detail

When I meet with a customer to place an order for security gates it is imperative that I am clear about what the client wants, so I ask numerous questions. It is also important that I share my knowledge and experience when it comes to installing security gates. There are occasions where what the customer wants just won’t work. In these cases it is up to me to think outside the box to meet the customer’s requirements.

When customers request iron security gates we advise having steel security gates as they are much stronger.

Order from a Security Gate Expert and Not a Sales Person

At IKS security gate surveys are carried out by an expert in fitting the gates. Sometimes I meet with customers who have had quotes from larger companies and they have failed to point out that something isn’t workable. This is usually because the person measuring up is not experienced in fitting. It is important to order security gates from someone who actually knows how to install them.

We supply and install bespoke door gates in a range of both collapsible and fixed styles as well as a range of colours. Our security gates are designed specifically to meet your individual requirements.

For images of security gates for front doors we have installed click the image below.

fixed security door gate

Home Security Gates

IKS Locksmiths are experienced in installing security gates to improve home security. We supply and fit are range of security gates for side doors, front doors and also windows.

collapsible security door gates

For tips on securing a patio door read here. For crucial front door security tips read here. Here the met police discuss other ways to secure your front door. Note they mention using an MLA Approved Locksmith.

Commercial Door Gates

We do a lot of work with shops, offices and other commercial premises designing and installing metal door gates, window gates and security roller shutters.

bespoke security grilles fitted in shop in north london

For more information on security gates for doors and windows read this informative article on the crime prevention website.

Shop Around for Security Gates

Get a few quotes. Get a feel for the product and, importantly, the person you are placing the order with. Comparing prices with a few companies makes sense.

We have expertise in security gates for doors and a range of window security options including aligned invisible security bars. If you are looking for security gates in the London or Hertfordshire area call us for a free no obligation quote. We would be delighted to hear from you.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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