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Being based near the M25 in London means we can provide fast and efficient 24 hour emergency locksmith services in Barnet and the surrounding areas. We are however up against great competition from other locksmiths, as are all genuine locksmith companies across that UK. There are many locksmith companies resorting to unethical methods of gaining work due to the lack of givernment legislation for the locksmith industry. This can be a challenge and means that we need to have an effective marketing plan.

What use is a great website if no one can see it?!?! What use is a qualified Locksmith if no one knows about them?!?!

That’s where our IKS locksmiths marketing plan came in. This is an area that my wife Anne manages, leaving me to focus on the day to day requirements of being a Locksmith. I focus on my strengths, the strengths required to be an excellent Locksmith.

  • Communicating well with customers
  • High quality workmanship and finish
  • Keeping up to speed with the latest industry developments
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Creative problem solving
  • Persistence and dedication
  • Networking

Anne adds value to the business by covering the areas outside these leaving me to focus my attention on delivering the highest quality finished product. She has a background in head office positions for retail companies. As I mentioned in my previous post Developing the IKS Locksmiths Website, I believe that it is ideal to specialise in an area you excel in and do it really well. We both work to our strengths and we are really lucky that we have different skills and strengths that really compliment each other. We are a great team. Anne covers a range of areas depending on what is required for the business at the time.

  • Researching new ventures and associates
  • Design of marketing materials – overseeing and coordination
  • Content for the website
  • Social media
  • Last but not least she is my confidante

Having this support from someone I trust completely enables me to move the business forward in the way that I would like to. For a small locksmith business marketing is so important. Business link provided a course on marketing for start ups which Anne attended and found useful.

To date as a family team we had;

  • Defined the IKS Locksmiths Brand – and business plan
  • Designed the IKS Logo – used on vans, uniforms, stationary & website.
  • Developed the IKS Locksmiths Website

The next stage was to promote IKS Locksmiths with an effective marketing strategy. We use a combination of approaches for promoting the business.

Word of mouth

Word of Mouth is a key means of spreading the word for IKS Locksmiths. We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and great customer service. A lot of the work that we do comes via word of mouth and repeat business. We are well known in the Barnet area and we ask our customers to write reviews where possible. Feedback from a previous customer is the best way for a potential customer to find out what we can offer. Our locksmith’s services in North London and the surrounding areas come well recommended on a range of online review sites.

The IKS Locksmiths Website

We want the customer to know what we offer and also to provide valuable security information. Educating the public about some of the less know details regarding security is something we are passionate about. We genuinely feel that communicating the risks and simple but extremely useful locksmith tips and advice on security can have a really positive effect on reducing North London area crime rates.


Over the years I have built up a network of trusted businesses in the trades industry as well as other areas. The best way to get to know and trust a business is to use their services and spend time with them. I will only ever recommend someone I have complete trust in and it works both ways. I am privileged to have met some really fantastic talented people over the last few years.

We are always keen to discover new marketing tips for small businesses. Locksmiths in London are subject to tough competition online from the large number of unqualified locksmiths trading. Their game is to quote low initially to gain business and increase the cost later or carry out shoddy work. As crazy as it sounds the Locksmith Industry is unregulated and any Tom, Dick or Harry can legally operate without qualifications or even a CRB check!

Working as a family business has advantages. It does however come with its challenges. Some of which I will share. In the meantime I would be delighted to hear any questions or comments you may have.

Stay Safe

Martin (The North London Locksmith)

Updated in 2021

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