Are Your Windows Really Secure? The IKS Guide to Window Security

Window Security Locks

IKS we are an MLA approved locksmith specialist in window locks and security bars for windows installation in London. In this post we advise on how to ensure your windows are secure from intruders and in line with home insurance requirements.

Temperatures in London have been soaring and dropping over the past few weeks. The weather has been quite unpredictable. When it is warm we all tend to open the windows to cool down. Always consider the implications of opening windows. Open windows are an opportunity to the professional burglar! It is also important to consider if windows are properly secured when closed.

For every window in a property it is important to consider;

  • Open Window Security
  • Closed Window Security

Insurance Policy Requirements for Windows Security

Always check your insurance policy for window security requirements – remember if you don’t comply they won’t pay out!

There are numerous ways of securing windows. As a minimum every window should have a key operated lock.

Window Locks

Locks for windows are a must!  How to lock a window? The type of window locks required will depend on the type of windows you have.

  • UPVC Windows – most come with a handle with key operated with lock
  • Wooden casement and fanlight Windows – don’t come with locks as standard and will need a key operated lock fitted.
  • Sash Windows – Sash stops restrict the amount a window can be opened by a specified distance.
sash window lock
Sash Window Locks

Here are some examples of window locks by Yale.

When looking for the best locks for windows ensure that you seek advice from a qualified, CRB checked locksmith. Believe it or not there a many UK locksmiths that are neither qualified or CRB checked!

Window Restrictors

These have their place as window safety locks but it is important to be aware that window restrictors are not sufficient to prevent intruder access. Window restrictors are more of a safety measure that a security measure. They are primarily used to prevent children falling out of windows. Velux windows popular in loft conversions in particular can be dangerous in this respect.

Window Security Grilles

This is an example where Georgian security grilles are installed on the right and not on the left.

When you are looking for the ultimate window security this is the route to go down. Security grilles are a sound investment. There is a common misconception that window security bars will look unsightly. This is not necessarily the case. The right grilles can provide high security and actually add to the look of a property.

shop security grilles

This is an example of an interior design shop in Finsbury Park.

When it comes to bespoke security grilles it is all about choosing the right style, colour and finish for a particular property to achieve the optimum security with a polished look.

It is vital to choose a locksmith with knowledge and experience when investing in security grilles for windows. Also check that the person measuring up and ordering the grilles has experience of actually fitting grilles. When this is not the case costly errors can be made.

At IKS Locksmiths we fit bespoke security grilles on a par with Banham Security Grilles but at a much lower price. We fit high quality Banham locks and they are popular with our customers, however we fit equally high quality alternatives which cost much less. As with many products you will pay a premium for a brand name. At IKS an experienced MLA qualified Locksmith will carry out the process of advising, measuring and fitting bespoke security grilles from start to finish.

Reinforced Glass

This is worth considering where there are concerns with regards intruders breaking the glass of windows.

  • Existing glass can be reinforced using security film to strengthen the glass and prevent intruder access.
  • Glass designed specifically to prevent intruder access can be installed. Perhaps this is something to consider if you are building or looking into replacing existing windows.

For further reading the MLA share 4 basic door and window security tips here.

IKS Locksmiths are Master Locksmith Association approved locksmiths experienced in all aspects of window locksmith security. Should you have any doubts about your home window security we would be welcome the opportunity to carry out a free security survey of your property and provide you with recommendations. We provide only a high standard of product and workmanship at highly competitive prices. We carry a range of high quality products to suit varying budgets.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any security queries you many have.

Image by Ella Mullins

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For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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