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The importance of security in the hotel industry should not be underestimated. It can affect the success of the business. Hotels that are serious about security will employ the services of a specialist hotel security locksmith they know and trust. Choosing a local Master Locksmith Association approved company ensures that the locksmiths working with areas as sensitive as the hotel safety and security are CRB checked, qualified and experienced. The last thing a hotel wants is to entrust the security of its guests to one of the many rogue locksmiths out there!

A specialist hotel locksmith can be responsible for maintaining high standards of security throughout the business, ensuring the safety and security of both the business and the guests.

Effective hotel security solutions give peace of mind to both the hotel staff and guests. The security of a hotel can have a great impact on the levels of customer satisfaction and ultimately hotel profit margins.

There is actually a market for hotel room security devices that you can bring with you when travelling. Have a look at this article from the Telegraph . This suggests that guests really do feel vulnerable when staying in hotels.

Articles like this from the Telegraph don’t offer much reassurance! . On the contrary they give more reasons to feel uneasy.

The Independent shares their hotel safety tips here.

There is no doubt that safety and security when staying away from home is a hot topic and the press are not doing much to alleviate the insecurities of the public. This makes hotel security all the more crucial. It makes sense to reassure guests that they are safe and secure wherever possible.

There are a number of hotel security systems that can to be put into place to achieve optimum security and customer satisfaction.

Front Door Security

When it comes to front door security there should be no shortcuts. It is so important and gives a first and lasting impression to guests. During the day there may be staff to monitor the entrance but at check in the guests will need to know how the building is secured at night. It is important to take advice from experienced professional commercial door lock and commercial access control installation specialists. They will look at the door, the location and the circumstances and present the most suitable options.

Hotel Room Door Locks

Investing in a good hotel door lock system is a must. Room door locks need to be reliable and they need to be maintained and checked periodically to keep the system running smoothly and avoid customer complaints. There are various different types of door locks used in hotels. Most common is the hotel key card system which avoids the problem of lost keys. Whatever hotel door lock system is used it is imperative that the locks are fitted by a professional locksmith for hotels and commercial premises.

Security Safes

It is always a bonus to find that a hotel room has a safe. It actually does leave a lasting impression on guests. To know that they can leave their valuables in a safe in their room is not only convenient but gives a sense of being able to really relax in the knowledge that your valuables are safe and secure. Having a safe in each room sets a business apart from those that don’t offer this facility. From a management perspective it reduces incidences of theft which can be extremely damaging to the reputation of an establishment.

Security safes fitting is without doubt a job for a professional. This £10k cash rated safe is fitted inside a wardrobe. The weight of a safe like this is in excess of 45 kilos, so a lot of thought has to be put into the best way to fit the safe.

safe installation

A £10k cash rated safe will not be needed in the majority of hotels but may be suitable for certain clientele. This is just an example of the thought process necessary when installing a safe.

High Security Grilles & Shutters

High security grilles for door and windows are the ultimate way to keep intruders out. They are particularly suitable for properties with a basement however we find that security grilles are increasingly being used throughout hotels. The right bespoke security grilles can add value to a property by improving its visual appeal as well as security levels. There is a great selection with regards style and functionality with different colours, finishes and fixed or collapsible grilles available. We are experts in bespoke invisible window grilles design to compliment a property. They provide effective indoor and outdoor security. IKS are experts in grilles and roller shutters installation in London.


CCTV doesn’t prevent burglary but it is useful as a deterrent and in the event of a burglary for gathering information.

IKS Locksmiths are MLA approved commercial security locksmiths based in London. We provide effective hotel safety and security solutions at extremely competitive prices. If you are looking for a hotel locksmith in London to fit a new hotel lock system, or check that you existing system is adequate, we would welcome the opportunity to survey your premises and offer our recommendations.

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