How Cheap Key Cutting Could Cost You Much More Than You Had Realised

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I have been getting a lot of calls recently that could have been avoided had the customer known what I know about key cutting.

Key Not Working – It Could Be Because it is a Cheap Key Copy

A new cut key not working could be caused by a number of key cutting issues;

  • A low-quality key blank being used
  • Key cutting by an inexperienced user
  • Key cut from a poor copy and not from the original key

Choosing cheap key duplication can be a false economy!

It’s not always an issue with the key but it is a common problem that I come across regularly that could be easily avoided.

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Other Reasons A Key Not Working

Your key may stop working for other reasons related to the lock or door alignment. You can read our stiff door lock trouble shooting tips here.

Stiff lock solutions

The 1st port of call before calling a locksmith is to establish if it is the key that is causing the problem. If you resolve key issues it could save you money on calling a locksmith.

What You Need to Know About Key Cutting

You can read more here about what you need to know about key cutting.

In a nutshell it’s about;

  • Choosing the right company to cut your keys
  • Cutting a duplicate from the original and not from a duplicate key!
Key cutting

Choosing the Cheapest Key Cutting Service Could Cost You More

Choosing the cheapest place to cut keys could be a false economy. You could end up calling a locksmith and paying much more than needed. What’s more If you are unlucky and choose to call the wrong locksmith you could find you are landed with an astronomical bill for all sorts of work that just didn’t need done. You can read about the problem with Choosing a Cheap London Locksmith here.

Locksmith cost

The Security Industry is Unregulated – That’s Where the Problems Start

It’s not a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to making the wrong decisions when getting keys cut and choosing a locksmith. It’s a case of you may get much more problems than you bargained for.

Be very careful because the locksmith industry is not regulated by law, and anyone can legally cut keys and fit locks and more.

Don’t get caught out by choosing low prices over professionalism and experience when it comes to security. You could get stung!

In short don’t just opt for the cheapest place to get keys cut. Always choose an experienced professional locksmith for good value key cutting on your local high street. Choosing MLA approved gives guarantees of quality and workmanship.

MLA Locksmith

Choosing High Quality Key Cutting

Choosing an experienced professional locksmith for key cutting ensures;

  • High Quality Key Blanks
  • High Quality Accurate Key Cutting
  • Guarantees, should there be issues with the duplicate key

An experienced locksmith is likely to point out to a customer the importance of making duplicates from the original key and not from a poorly cut duplicate.

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Online Key Cutting

At IKS we are mobile London specialists in fitting locks. We are experts in master key system installation and keyed alike locks which allow you to operate multiple locks with same key. We cut duplicate keys for the high security locks we install through our online key cutting shop. We are not retail based and don’t provide a standard key cutting service.

For standard key cutting we recommend you choose your local high street MLA approved locksmith. In High Barnet, where we are based, this is Barnet Lock Centre. They may not be the cheapest place to get keys made in Barnet, but you can trust the quality. Paying a little more for high quality key cutting could save you much time, money and trouble.

We do provide reliable high security online key cutting of Mul-T-Lock keys and other high security key brands. We cut Mul-T-Lock duplicate keys online at competitive prices. Read here for online key cutting advice from a locksmith approved by the Master Locksmiths Association.

Mul-T-Lock online key cutting

Keys Not Working – Need a London Locksmith?

If your keys are not working and you need a locksmith, we provide an Emergency Locksmith service at very competitive rates. Call us for an accurate fixed price quote with no surprises!

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