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I haven’t done a Diary of a Locksmith post in a while now. People ask me how I manage being on call out of hours emergency locksmith in London so I thought I’d give you a bit of an insight into what it’s like for me having emergency calls at all hours of the day and night. I have had some pretty interesting emergency night time calls over the years in different areas of North London!

What Makes Night Time Emergency Calls Worth Getting Out of Bed For?

Main Image Courtesy of ciocci
Image courtesy of ciocci

The first thing to touch on is the motivation to attend a night time call. When people call in the night they are usually in a pretty bad situation. Most calls are for emergency burglary repairs in London  but the situations I deal with can be varied.  There have been emergency jobs that involve the elderly, very young or those who are disabled or in ill health. To know that I have been privileged enough to have the opportunity to help people who are vulnerable or in distress is very rewarding. It is what makes being on 24hr emergency call out all worthwhile.

Sleep Deprivation?

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We locksmiths really do need our sleep! When you have a really tricky lock to open, whether it is in the day or night, it can require considerable focus and attention. It is so important to be alert and focused to be able to do the job as efficiently as possible. Efficiency is in the interest of the customer and the locksmith! For this reason it is important that as a locksmith I get sufficient sleep each day which sometimes involves early nights or power naps. I also find that regular mediation is an effective tool. It can be challenging and is a bit of a juggling act really but it can be done with good time management.

The Buzz of a Night Time Emergency Call Out

night time locksmith london
London at Night courtesy of Ben Cremin

Emergency call outs at night time may sound unappealing, particularly in the cold winter months, but there are actually advantages to attending jobs out of hours. The roads are so much clearer meaning that we can offer much quicker emergency response times than during the day when traffic in London can cause havoc. I can reach emergency calls in places like Hampstead and Islington in less than half the time I can during the day. It’s also quite exciting venturing out in the night to the scene of a crime or emergency situation. I find it interesting to see different North London areas at night when most people are asleep. It’s also very rewarding to be able to help someone in a difficult situation.

The Cost of a Night Time Locksmith

Locksmith cost

Sometimes people are surprised at the price when they call a locksmith in the night. The fact is that all emergency locksmiths charge more to get out of bed in the night to attend the scene of a break in. The usual rate is double the price (depending on the time) It’s not surprising really is it?! I always point out to people that it will be cheaper if they can wait to the morning. We are there to offer a service and for some people the implications of waiting don’t outweigh the additional cost. Especially when you have been burgled there is an urgency to secure your property in case the intruders make a return visit.

For more detail read this article: “How Much Does An Emergency Locksmith Cost?

Night Time Emergency Locksmith Call Outs in Summary

So, in summary there are plus and minus points to attending emergency call outs at night time but on the whole I would rather have this element to my job than not. One thing is for certain and that is that my job is never dull. I never know what is going to happen, who I will meet or where I will go from week to week. Some jobs are planned and booked and others are spur of the moment. It takes some getting used to but it has become normality for me now after so many years as a locksmith. So when anyone asks me how I manage as a 24hr locksmith and just say that it keeps me on my toes!

I am not the only locksmith near me offering a night time emergency locksmith service. However I am one of a small percentage of Master Locksmith Association (MLA) Approved 24hr locksmiths near me. IKS Locksmiths are based in High Barnet. If you require a night time locksmith anywhere in North London or nearby give me a call.

If you aren’t in the North London area search here for a local MLA approved 24 hour locksmith using your postcode.

Stay Safe and Secure

Martin (The North London Locksmith)

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