UK Safe Installation Costs & The Problem with Cheap Safe Installation

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Safe installation costs in the UK can vary depending on which safe installation companies are quoting. The level of service you can expect can also vary widely. It is important to know exactly what you are getting for your money so that you can decide if the potential savings on cheap safe installation are really worth it.

Average UK Safe Installation Costs

Take figures on online articles with general advice on safe installation costs with a pinch of salt. Average costs quoted can be vague and unrealistic as there are so many variables involved. It is vital to find out exactly what you are getting for your money.

When getting safe installation quotes always check you are making like for like comparisons in terms of product and equally important is the service you can expect to receive. Good service and expert advice can be a game changer in terms of getting all the finer details of your safe installation right.

Safe Installation Costs Explained

As London based independent security safe installation specialists we are experts in business and home safes installation, we know that there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of safe installation. It is useful to know what you can expect when choosing between cheap safe installation and high quality safe installation which you may pay slightly more for.

Problems With Cheap Safe Installation Services

A cheap safe installation cost can often mean lower levels of service, inconvenience and issues that can be difficult to deal with. It can also mean that you don’t get the best end result.

Cheap Safe Installation ServicesHigh Quality Safe Installation
* Search for advice online and contact the call centre
* Tailored advice from a safe specialist on choosing a safe and the best place to install the safe in your property. A direct line to a project manager
* Order online* Order details agreed, on the phone and in writing, with your project manager
* Delivery by courier with approximate timescales = potential for timing issues and damage to the safe
* Delivery time arranged directly with your project manager, to suit your needs
* Installation to be arranged at a separate time after delivery is complete
* Installation and delivery completed on the same day to suit the client’s needs
* Customer service via a call center
* A direct line to your project from conception to completion and beyond

IKS Professional Safe Installation Costs

At IKS Locksmiths we provide a specialist custom safe installation service to suit the clients needs. Our clients are provided a seamless service that includes;

Safe Installation London
Safe bolted to the Wall in a Wardrobe

Standard Safe Installation Costs

Our basic small safe installation cost starts at £90+ vat. The cost of installation increases in relation to the size and weight of the safe. The cost of installing a home safe which is small and a large heavy safe is very different. It takes more manpower and time to install a grade 4 safe, which is heavy, than it does to install a £4K cash rated safe or a small grade 0 safe which weighs much less. The weight increases with the eurograde rating. Read more about graded safes and ratings here.

Floor Safe Installation Costs

Floor safe installation can mean a safe is bolted to the floor or sunk into the floor. Installing a safe within the floor is a much more expensive option. It is often done as part of a building project but it can be done retrospectively. This is a much bigger job than standard installation where a safe is bolted to the floor and absolutely requires a specialist approach. Contact us for more information on how much it costs to install a floor safe.

Wall Safe Installation Cost

As with floor safe installation a safe can be bolted to a wall or installed within a wall as a much more complex project which will come at a premium. Our safe specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide you to choose the best safes installation for your needs.

safe installation north london
Wall Safe Set Into a Wardrobe

Professional Safe Installation Options

Speak to our specialists for advice on choosing the best safe and ideal installation. It is important to know where the safe will be installed before ordering so that you can decide on the finer details of the safe, like which way the door should open. It is important to get professional advice on these details to avoid ordering the wrong safe.

We provide a customised service for clients looking for the best quality at competitive prices. Providing the best value for money with a tailored service to our valued customers is extremely important to us.

Cheap Online Safe Installation Savings

There are online safes companies installing basic safes for £75. This is a saving of £15 on the IKS safe installation cost. You may want to consider if this saving is worth issues such as;

  • No site survey or professional advice
  • Unpredictable courier delivery times
  • Possible delivery of a heavy safe to your neighbour if you are not home when the courier arrives
  • Safes delivered to the doorstep too heavy to move
  • Potential for damage to safes handled by couriers as opposed to a safe installation specialist
  • A separate visit required to install the safe after delivery – don’t expect it to be done at the time of delivery
  • Failure to preplan the installation location and method
  • Difficulties getting satisfactory results when help from customer service is required

The overall experience is likely to be more stressful and time consuming than if you were to deal with an independent safe expert. In addition to this you may not achieve the same end result. Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more for certainty, reliability and the best end result.

Online Safe Installation Reviews

Always check for safe installation companies reviews online. Make a point of searching for negative reviews relating to safe installation in particular and you will start to build a picture of the kind of customer experience that you can expect from a company.

This review left for a well known cheap online safe company mentions some of the potential problems with cheap safe installation such as haphazard arrangements for delivery and safe fitting on a separate date and lack of specialist planning.

This is a good example of what to avoid……..

Review From a Cheap Online Safe Company

Another review for the same online safe retailer highlights issues with unpredictable delivery times and communication difficulties.

This is another good example of what to avoid……..

Review From a Cheap Online Safe Company

These are issues that should not arise if you choose an approved independent safe installation specialist.

Does a Safe Need to be Bolted Down

We always advise bolting a safe down for security and insurance purposes. You can read more about bolting down a safe here.

Best Value UK Safe Installation

As you can see the question, “How much does it cost to install a safe?”, has many potential answers depending on a range of factors. IKS are safe installation experts based in London and we provide high quality safe installation across the UK. We supply and fit safes and can also fit or remove safes that you already have in your property. You can find lots of advice on buying a safe in our specialist security blog. Contact our safe specialists for advice on installing a safe in your property and a competitive quote for high quality specialist safe fitting.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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