Is Your UPVC Door Lock Mechanism Sticking?

A pvc door lock sticking can be very annoying and concerning and unfortunately, it is likely to get progressively worse if it is not fixed. It is important to carefully maintain UPVC door locks as they can be problematic. Sticky door lock issues should be addressed as a priority.

As an emergency locksmith in North London, experienced in UPVC door lock repairs, I come across jammed UPVC door mechanisms on a regular basis. This is a very common problem with PVC doors, especially in the summer months.

Why a UPVC Door Sticking is a Common Problem

A combination of factors can cause UPVC doors to stick and a common cause is the summer heat.

UPVC Door Expanding in the Heat

It is a common misconception that a PVC door is less likely to expand in the heat. On the contrary, we see expansion and movement in UPVC or composite doors more than we do in timber doors.

The Importance of UPVC Door Alignment

A PVC door that expands or moves, and is no longer correctly aligned, causes more problems than movement in a wooden door. UPVC door mechanisms rely on a number of bolts working in tandem, if one goes out of alignment they all do.

Realigning a UPVC door mechanism is not always straightforward and you need to know what you are doing.

upvc door lock repairs

What To Do If Your UPVC Door Won’t Lock

Do you have any of the following issues with your UPVC door?

  • A jammed lock
  • The UPVC door won’t lock when closed
  • Your pvc door is sticking

If so then your door may have moved or expanded in the heat.

How to Fix UPVC Door Locking Problems and Prevention

You can read here about different problems with UPVC door lock mechanisms and how to prevent them. This will help you determine what the problem is and how to fix it. If your door is misaligned it is advisable to call a reliable locksmith experienced in UPVC door locking mechanisms.

How Do You Stop a UPVC Door From Sticking?

Adjusting your door so that everything is perfectly aligned is necessary if your door has moved. When done well this can fully resolve the issue.

How Do You Realign a UPVC Door Lock?

There are some tips online about realigning a UPVC door however it is not advisable to try to align your own UPVC door unless you know what you are doing. Tampering with the door could cause additional issues. Call an experienced locksmith for professional door alignment.

UPVC Door Lock Specialist

If your upvc door won’t lock properly we can help. IKS Locksmiths are specialists in all types of door lock repairs. We operate in the London and Hertfordshire area. We are approved by the Master Locksmiths Association and our competitive prices are fixed and fair. Contact us for a quote.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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