What to Look for in a Luxury Safe – Sky’s the Limit!

The Luxury Range From Burton Safes

At IKS locksmiths we use only expert teams who are experienced in designing and creating bespoke luxury safes to be delivered worldwide.

If you have decided to invest in a luxury safe it is imperative that you choose the best in professional security safes supply and installation. A company that ticks all the boxes and can provide you with a full range of possibilities.

In this post we give you an insight into what you will need to think about when choosing a luxury safe. We will also share with you the extensive selection of luxury safe features available. Some of which you may have been aware of.

It is important to know what the full range of possibilities are before you invest in your perfect safe. Features available from different luxury safe companies can vary and it is important to get the full picture.

Our intention is to help you to establish exactly what you want from a luxury safe and to source it without any limitations. The possibilities are quite exciting.

Considerations When Choosing a Luxury Safe

The Intended Contents of The Safe

Types of luxury safes;

  • Jewellery Safes – what is the maximum value of jewellery to be stored in the safe?
  • Watch Safes – do you require automatic watch winders? What is the maximum value?
  • Gun Safes– how many guns do you need the safe to hold?
  • Cash Safes – what will be the maximum amount of cash?
  • Document Safes – fire and water protection will be important
  • Safe rooms – for storing larger valuables such as art
  • Security storage for priceless wines or vintage whiskey
  • Panic rooms – for your personal protection
  • A Master Piece Safe – is about the aesthetic and making a statement
Luxury safe automatic watch winders

The Planned Location

You may want a bespoke safe to meet your design requirements or you may want to go a step further and choose a Masterpiece Safe which is a feature to create wow factor in the interior of the room.

The Size Required

The size will depend on the contents the safe will hold and the desired location within the property. A site survey will help you to establish the ideal size for your needs.

The Protection Levels Required

Locking Method

Which locking method is most suitable for you?

  • Key
  • Keypad
  • Fingerprint
  • Dial combination
  • Dual Locks

Bespoke Luxury Safes Features – The Sky is The Limit

Once you have established the basics is terms of function, size and location it is time to express your personality through the bespoke luxury safe features that make it luxury and add the wow factor. You may be surprised at the extent of luxury safe features available.

Colour and Finish

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the colour of your luxury safe. Both the external and internal parts of the safe can be a colour of your choice and can even be colour matched to your favourite car! Of course a bespoke colour costs more than a standard colour. For some of our clients you can’t put a price on individuality. In terms of finish there are many possibilities from velvet, alacantra, leather and protective linings to high gloss, metallic and detailed exteriors.

Luxury Safe Colour

Configuration of the Luxury Safe

The internal layout can be tailor made to suit your individual needs with areas to show off the finest time pieces with integrated watch winder modules, luxurious jewellery drawers, door pockets, shelves, key hooks and even additional lockable compartments to store higher value items separately from pieces you access on a regular basis. The layout can be designed to suit your needs.

Bespoke Luxury Safe

Extras to Enhance User Experience

There are many additional features to choose from which can enhance the user experience such as;

  • Internal lighting
  • Slam shut locking
  • Movement alarm
  • Back up keys
  • Automatic door opening
luxury safe with bespoke features

The features you are looking for will determine the source for your luxury safe. As a property security specialist we deal with a range of luxury safes companies and once we know what you are looking for we can take the leg work out of your search by arranging an appointment with the luxury safe specialist who can best meet your needs.

Luxury Safe Brands

Some people decide they want a Stockinger or Döttling safe whereas others want to look at a wider range of options. This is where we come in. From safes handmade in the UK to Italian and German bespoke luxury safes. We have contact with a range of luxury safe companies and we will ensure you have made the best choice without limitations.

Choosing a Luxury Safe Company

Once you have decided on the luxury safes characteristics to suit your needs you will want to find a specialist luxury safes supplier you can trust.

MLA locksmiths logo

What to Look for in a Luxury Safe Provider:

  • Security Safe Specialist
  • MLA Approved
  • CRB/DBS Checked
  • A well-established company
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Good reviews
  • A recommendation

Whether you are looking for a luxury safe or a basic safe we have the expertise you need. You can read more here about how to choose the best safe.

If you are looking for a company specialising in luxury safes installation in London and Hertfordshire call us to arrange an appointment.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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