Where to Store Gold Bullion & Precious Metals

There is a growing trend for investing in gold and precious metals. As London based experts in gold and silver storage safes installation, numerous clients tell us they are storing physical gold because the value of gold and precious metal is relatively stable in relation to other currencies and commodities. Many hold the view that it is important to invest in something tangible and real with so much uncertainty in the economy at present. Perhaps they have the foresight to know how we really need to plan for our future.

Buying Bullion as an Investment

You can buy gold bullion from the Royal Mint and other sources. A 1G gold bar can cost in the region of £80 whereas a 1KG would set you back in the region of £45K+. Buying and storing gold coins is also an option. The Royal Mint provides 3 months of free storage.

Buying gold virtually from an online trader means that you don’t need to think about physical gold storage. However, investing in virtual commodities is not for everyone and trust in the company you buy virtual gold from will be a key factor. The Royal Mint also provides the option of buying digital gold.

Buying silver and platinum bullion is also an option. Historically and currently gold bullion seems to be the most popular investment choice. Some investors choose a portfolio to include a range of precious metals.

Is It Worth Buying Gold Bullion?

Although the price of gold can be volatile, historically it has been known to maintain its value over a longterm period of time. Gold is usually purchased as part of a longterm investment plan.

Many people are opting for investing in gold and precious metals over currency in the current uncertain economic climate. When storing any precious metals it is important to consider safe and economical longterm storage options to get the best return on your investment.

Correct methods of storage are key to maintaining the condition and value of investment gold and other precious metals. It is important to carefully consider where to store gold bars and coins and to seek custom advice from an experienced professional.

How to Store Gold

Where is the Safest Place for Gold? It is important to know how to store gold coins properly to avoid damage. There are 3 options for gold bar storage;

  1. In a high security safe at home
  2. In a security deposit box
  3. Use a 3rd party storage firm
where to store gold and precious metals

Contact our experts for advice on how to store gold coins, gold bullion or valuable jewellery at home. The best place to store gold can depend on the amount you are storing and a range of other circumstances. Precious metals storage requires a professional custom approach.

Storing Gold and Precious Metals At Home

There are significant advantages to storing gold coins, bars and precious metals at home. A carefully chosen and planned high security safe provides an investor gold bullion storage with easy access, control and privacy. It allows quick access should you want to cash in your assets if the market turns in your favour. There is an initial investment in the safe but ongoing monthly costs are not required. Whether it is suitable will depend on how much you are storing and the space, conditions and security levels at your property.

If you are storing gold and precious metals at home, having the best high security measures in place will allow you to achieve the best insurance cover. You can read more about security for high net worth insurance here.

Commercial Gold Storage Solutions

If your property cannot accommodate the size of safe required then a security box or 3rd party storage could be a more suitable option. Some clients choose a combination of storage solutions for precious metals.

IKS are MLA approved security safes installation specialists in London. Our experts can advise you on gold bullion and gold coin storage at home. If you want to know how to store gold bars or get advice on precious metals storage in your home contact us.

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For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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