4 Cost Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Front Door and Improve Security

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As an experienced MLA approved home and commercial security locksmith in London, I find that in some cases, it makes sense to install a completely new door or special security doors but it’s not always necessary. It may be the case that you can keep your existing door and strengthen it with security accessories. Doing this could save you a lot of money! New doors can be very expensive.

Is Buying a New Door Really Necessary?

If you just don’t like the look of your door that’s one thing! However if you are simply concerned that your door is not strong enough this is something that can be addressed with some effective security accessories.

Do You Want the Best Front Door Security on Your Street?

Even if you are not thinking of buying a new door you may want to consider increasing your security by strengthening your door as well as having high quality security door locks.

Can You Strengthen A Weak Door?

Many people are unaware that it is possible to strengthen a door in order to improve security levels. The aim is to make it more difficult for an intruder to access your property using door reinforcement and locks. It is also about deterring intruders! If an intruder sees a reinforced front door with good locks they will know it will be hard to access. Consequently they will choose another door!

How to Strengthen a Door

There are 4 means of door reinforcement;

1) Hinge Bolts

Hinge bolts are attached to the hinges to strengthen them and prevent a door being lifted of it’s hinges. Hinge bolts are most suitable for outward opening doors.

2) A Lock Guard

Reinforces the door around the lock area. It is much more difficult for an intruder to kick a door in when the mortice lock is protected.

3) A Birmingham Bar

This is a front door security bar that goes along the height of the door on the hinge side to strengthen the frame.

4) A London Bar

Is a metal bar that goes along the height of the door on the lock side of the door providing effective door frame reinforcement.

Using all 4 of these door security devices can negate the need for a new door. This could save you a lot of money! In fact, you could have a new door without these additional security measures and find that your door is less secure.

A Lock Guard Shows Burglars That You Take Your Security Seriously

lock guard on front door

From an intruder’s perspective a lock guard is a sign that the homeowners take their security seriously. Burglars are always on the look out for signs that homeowners haven’t properly addressed their security. Poor security makes their job much easier!

Hinge bolts and London and Birmingham Bars are not visible from outside a door but they will make it extremely hard for an intruder to access your property. A lock guard can been clearly seen and is a great deterrent.

How Much Does a New Front Door Cost?

That depends what you are looking for. The prices vary greatly and you will find that to get a beautiful door you may need to look at higher budget doors. At the London Door Company stunning bespoke doors cost from £2500 + vat. Off the shelf doors from Todds Doors can cost £250+  before fitting, depending on what you are looking for.

How Much Will It Cost to Strengthen My Front Door?

As a rough guide this is what the security accessories mentioned should cost;

  • Lock Guard  £30.00 +vat
  • Hinge Bolts  £20.00 +vat
  • London Bar  £30.00 +vat
  • Birmingham Bar £30.00 +vat

There would be an installation cost in addition to the product cost. Do beware of locksmiths overcharging as the security industry is unregulated.

As I minimum I would suggest that a lock guard would be a good investment in terms of strengthening your lock and deterring intruders.

For more advice on front door security read here .

If you are based in the London area and need to call a locksmith for your home security give us call. We can assess your door and give you recommendations to suit both your security requirements and your budget.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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