8 Important Considerations When Deciding Where to Buy a Safe

Are you wondering where to find reliable safe services in North London or the surrounding areas? There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to security safes supply and installation in London. In this post, we provide professional advice on choosing the best place to buy a safe for your home or business.

Buying a safe is an investment and it is important to choose the best safe and installation for your particular property.

Buying an Insurance Approved Safe

When looking for a graded safe for insurance purposes it is vital to make the right decisions about a number of aspects;

  • Which safe grade and cash rating is required
  • The type of safe and features
  • The best size safe
  • Where to install the safe
  • The method of installation

For more information to help with choosing the best safe read our graded safes rating guide here, about how to choose the best home safe here and the best place to install a safe here.

Custom Safe Design

If you are considering buying a luxury safe you can read about what to look for in a luxury safe here. Advice from an experienced professional and a dedicated project manager will help you to achieve the ideal luxury safe design and installation.

Choosing Where to Buy a Safe

When searching for safe companies in your area you will find that safe prices and what you get for your money varies. Choosing the cheapest safe is not always the best value option, particularly when it comes to insurance approved safes. The levels of service safe companies provide can vary widely. You can imagine that if you buy a safe from high street retailer you cannot expect the same level of service and advice that you would get from a security specialist.

insurance approved safe

8 Important Things to Look For When Buying a Safe

When choosing a company to buy a safe from it is important to tick all the boxes. When choosing where to buy a safe in London or anywhere in the UK it is advisable to look for these important elements; 

  1. A qualified and approved safe specialist 
  2. A survey of your property by an expert
  3. A range of proposed safe options to choose from
  4. Suggested locations for the safe – it is important to get this right for security and aesthetic reasons 
  5. Advice on the best method of installation – bolted down to the floor or anchored to an appropiate wall
  6. Delivery and installation by an experienced professional to ensure that guarantees are valid 
  7. A direct line to a safe specialist should any problems occur
  8. Competitive prices teamed with excellent service and value for money
graded safe for insurance

Different Types of Safe Companies

If you are not sure where to buy a safe from, doing some research into the various options will help you find out which company is best for you. If you want to buy an insurance approved safe it is advisable to seek expert advice on choosing the best safe and installation for your needs.

Buy a Safe Online – Cheap Prices

If you are looking for the cheapest safe prices buying a safe online could be the best option. If you are thinking about where to buy a small safe and you know exactly what you want and where and how to install it, this could be the most cost effective option for you. However, be aware that when you are paying the cheapest prices the levels of service can be more basic. When ordering a cheap safe online be aware that if you are not careful with the ordering process your safe could be delivered to the kerb. It is always advisable to pay extra to have your safe positioned. A situation where a customer needs to work out how to move a 150kg safe from outside the front door into the property can be extremely problematic. This is a common mistake to avoid when buying a safe online without advice from a specialist.  

Local Retail Safe Shop – Pay More to Try Before You Buy

The advantage of buying a safe in retail shop is that you can view the safes and seek advice from the retailer. There aren’t many retail safes shops holding stock to view due to the high premiums associated with having a high street presence and the wide range of stock a safes shop would need to hold. In recent years many safes retailers have moved their business online to compete on price with online safe companies.  

An Approved Mobile Safe Specialist – Custom Service and Competitive Prices

Benefit from keen safe prices teamed with high levels of customer service. Choosing a mobile safe specialist approved by the Master Locksmiths Association can provide excellent value for money. You will find that paying a bit more can be well worth it for the high levels of service and tailored expert advice you will receive if you choose the right company. 

Master Locksmiths Association Approved

There is a significant advantage to having a safe specialist to see your purchase through from initial advice to installation and beyond. When buying a safe online it can be the case that you are paying for the safe alone and not getting the benefits of excellent service to ensure that you have the best safe and installation for your property.

If you would like high levels of service and advice, look for a local independent safe company with a more custom approach.

IKS are a mobile MLA approved commercial and home safes specialists based in Barnet North London. We provide a custom safe installation service at excellent prices in London and across the UK. Contact us for advice on the best safe installation and service for your needs.

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For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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