Are Banham Security Locks Secure?

Banham locks are a popular choice for security in London, particularly in West London areas like Knightsbridge and Kensington & Chelsea. We also find there is a demand for Banham locks in Barnet, Hampstead, Muswell Hill and other North London areas.

IKS are not a Banham locksmith, we are experienced 24 hour lock security specialists. As security consultants dealing with a range of high quality security locks including Banham locks, we can help you explore the best high security lock options for your property.

There is a common perception that Banham locks are the most secure locks. The Banham price tag does reflect the reputation of the brand and the quality of the locks.


Why Choose Banham Security Locks?

There are a number of advantages of Banham Locks with the most significant being the high security features.

Other reasons to choose Banham locks are;

  • They are high quality high security products
  • The Banham brand name is well recognised and establish and associated with reliability
  • Having a high end brand name can be seen as an advantage to many customers
  • The products have a traditional look which works well with period style properties
  • High quality high security locks show intruders that you take your security seriously and are an excellent deterrent.
banham door lock security

Best Selling Banham Locks

The most popular Banham locks are;

  • Banham L2000 Nightlatch
  • Banham M2002 deadlock (is operated with a key on both sides)
  • Banham M2003 deadlock (is operated with a key on the outside and a thumbturn on the inside)

All Banham locks feature the distinctive Banham reinforcing lock guards, in either polished or satin brass or polished or satin chrome. Banham lock guards are easily recognisable from the outside. It is the distinctive design of the lock guard that has seen Banham become an established and well known premium brand in London over the years. Seeing that a property has high security locks is a good intruder deterrent.

banham high security locks
Banham Night Latch L2000 and Mortice Latch M2002

Banham High Security Keys

Banham high security locks can be operated on high security keys to be;

  • keyed alike
  • keyed to differ
  • on individual keys

You can read more about the benefits of keyed alike locks and how they work here.

Why Choose High Security Locks and Keys?

Choosing high security locks and keys provides a property with much higher levels of security and peace of mind. Read about 5 situations where high security door locks are definitely worth it here.

You can read more about the advantages of high security locks and high security keys here. If you are securing your home for high net worth insurance exploring a full range of high security solutions for your property will ensure that you gain the best insurance cover.

Banham Locksmith London

As independent London locksmiths, we fit a range of high quality security products including Banham locks. If you require Banham lock installation and fitting in London contact our experts. However, if you need a duplicate key for a high security Banham lock or Banham door lock repair services it is advisable to contact Banham direct. We have found over the years that this has been the most efficient solution for customers looking for maintenance of Banham security products (which we have not fitted). When looking for Banham lock repairs and key cutting it is best to cut out the middle man, by going straight to the source and calling a Banham locksmith at your nearest Banham showroom. For fresh fit and replacement locks, it is well worth exploring our range of high security locks to find the best option for your property and budget.

banham lock installation

Are Banham Locks Worth The Money?

We are often asked if Banham locks are worth the money. We advise our customers that Banham locks are extremely high quality and that if you are looking for the look and the label, Banham locks are a good choice for you.

However, as independent security specialists, we are fortunate to be able to make recommendations from a wide range of high quality security products. We aim to share a range of options with our clients and the pros and cons that come with each. Having a range of security options and understanding enables the customer to make an informed choice based on their needs and preferences.

Alternatives to Banham Locks

Being professional high security locks installation specialists we are often asked if there are security locks like Banham but cheaper. Also the traditional look of a Banham lock is not suitable for the style of every property. We get a lot of requests for a modern equivalent to a Banham high security lock.

There are a number of high security lock brands we can offer to customers looking for the security levels and reliability associated with Banham locks without the expensive price tag. All of the high security locks we fit are SBD (Secured by Design) approved and conform to BS3621. Other high quality, high security lock brands are;

  • Ingersoll
  • Yale
  • Union (previously Chubb)
  • Abloy
  • Mul-t-lock
  • Brisant
  • EVVA
  • Era

We fit a range of premium locks and lock guards to compliment different styles of property. Our locks and service are very competitively priced.

high security lock installation

High Security Lock Installation

As well as having the best locks it is vital that your locks are fitted to a high standard by an experienced professional to meet insurance standards. To hear of someone buying Banham locks and fitting them themselves to save money is a false economy and not a good idea! You can read here about the problem with not using a security specialist to fit locks.

Locks not fitted to the correct standard are vulnerable and you will find you are not covered by your insurance company. You can read about insurance approved locks here. Having the best locks means nothing if they are not fitted to insurance guidelines, and is a complete waste of money.

MLA Locksmith

High Security Locks, Security Grilles and Safes

In addition to locks we also specialise in high security safes and grilles installation. Our safes and security grilles product is on a par with Banham security grilles and safes range in terms of quality, but as independent mobile security specialists our overheads and prices are much lower.

As Master Locksmiths Association Approved security specialists our experts provide high levels of customer service and expertise. A Master Locksmith will oversee your security project from quote to installation, ensuring you are informed of all the options available at each stage of the process.

Our specialist security consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about all the latest security products on the market.

If you require locks, safes or security grilles contact us to find out more about your options and we can provide you with an estimate.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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