Changing a Door Lock – Should You Do It Yourself?????

Mickey traffic lights DIY lock change?

Many people ask me if it’s worth doing a DIY job when it comes to replacing a door lock. The answer is yes if you know how to change a door lock. If you have the skills and knowledge required or if you have a friend that has and is prepared to do the work as a favour you may be in luck. This could save you a few quid, not much but something none the less.

On the flip side if you are not capable of changing a door lock and you attempt a DIY lock change it could end up costing you much more time, money and stress.

Replacing a lock can be straightforward or more complex depending on the circumstances. It’s not something to jump into without consideration of the potential pitfalls. When a customer asks me how much to change a door lock I need to assess the situation before quoting a price, it’s not always straightforward.

Questions to ask before embarking on a DIY lock change;

  • Have you got the right lock?
  • Is the lock the right size?
  • Does the lock meet the British Standards required by your contents insurance policy?
  • Does the lock comply with health and safety regulations?
  • Is it a lock change that requires carpentry skills? (some do, some don’t)
  • Do you have the carpentry skills required to change the lock?
  • Do you have the carpentry tools required to change a door lock?
  • If yes to all the above and it doesn’t work out what would you do?
  • If the lock stops working a few months down the line will the company you purchased the lock from guarantee the lock?
  • Is the security of my family and belongings worth the risk?

Almost any job can be done as a DIY job, accounting, website design, hairdressing, and the list go on. However if you don’t know what you are doing it can turn out to be a false economy. In the case of security and changing locks on your doors it can be risky business on many levels.

Yes there are videos you can watch on YouTube on how to replace a lock but they don’t necessarily tell you what can go wrong and they can’t cover every lock change scenario.

Consider these potential scenarios before embarking on a DIY door lock change;

  • The job goes wrong and you end up paying a locksmith for the job in addition to your efforts.
  • The job goes wrong and the locksmith has to charge more extra to correct damage that has been done.
  • You are burgled and realise that your insurance policy won’t pay out because the lock isn’t the standard required in your policy.
  • Your property is burgled and the police tell you that the lock has been changed incorrectly.
  • You try to change a lock at the weekend, it goes wrong and you find yourself calling a locksmith and paying out of hours rates.

When a customer asks me how much to change a door locks I need to assess the situation before quoting a price. Last weekend I did a job in Totteridge where someone had attempted a DIY lock change and called me on Saturday. Weekends are charged as an emergency call out with the majority of Locksmiths. When I arrived he had the lock case in his hands in pieces. It had actually fallen apart during a botched attempt to change the lock. Had he called us out initially he would have saved himself £100. If you need a locksmith in Totteridge or whetstone call us for a quote. We are local and will be happy to offer you a competitive price, even at the weekend!
In the meantime we have lots of useful security tips and advice on our website. You may find these tips on keeping your front door secure worth looking into.

I hope this information has been helpful and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. IKS Locksmiths are specialists in lock fitting and repairs in London . Should you require a quote for a lock change or even a free security advice following a survey of your property we would be delighted to hear from you.


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