Basement Security – Top Tips from a Qualified Locksmith!

basement security in london

Top Tip – Call an MLA Locksmith to carry out a free survey property – This is most certainly a job for a qualified expert.

Every property has different requirements and with a basement flat there is a lot at stake.

In London properties with basements are popular. Basements can offer a quirky and unique living space. Basement flats can offer excellent value for money in great London locations.

At IKS we are very experienced when it comes to security of basements across North London. They are very popular as they are a good use of space in a city where space comes at a premium. Those that have basements flats or houses with a basement soon become very aware of the security risks that a basement poses.

So why should basement security be any different from any other security?

When it comes to securing the basement of a property the notable differences are;

  • Lack of Light
  • Easy access
  • Restricted view

All these factors offer the intruder the opportunity to enter the property easily and without being noticed. Unless you have effectively addressed your security that is!

Only a qualified experienced security expert will be able to get the right balance between security from intruders and safety. It’s just as important to be able to escape from the property as it is to keep intruders out. If you live in, or are considering, a basement flat or house with a basement ask yourself;

  • Is there an emergency escape route?
  • Is the security going to keep intruders out?

If you are in any doubt about call a security expert for a free security survey. To ensure that you choose a genuine expert use our How to Choose a Locksmith Guide. Choosing one of the many cowboy Locksmiths that are operating in London could cost you dearly.

This article on the crime prevention website offers specific advice and helpful images. There is a section on the website specific to basement security because it is such an area of concern. They suggest choosing a Master Locksmith for the job. You can search for a Master Locksmith by your postcode here.

Basement Window Security Options

There are a number of ways to secure basement windows. It is important that you choose an option suited to your specific property when considering how to secure basement windows.

Check out our post where we explain the difference between roller shutters and security grilles. Security Grilles are ideal for basement window security in residential properties.

When considering basement window security ideas it is important to choose something that you find aesthetically pleasing and there are lots of options when it comes to grilles. We pride ourselves on designing and fitting bespoke security grilles.

Basement Door Security Options

Once again it is important that the security solutions are specific to your individual property. Consider the options;

  • Security Door Gates
  • Locks
  • Door Reinforcement – a London Bar or Birmingham Bar to reinforce the door frames.

This article details how to keep your front door secure.

As in all cases intruder prevention and fire safety are paramount, but with a basement finding solutions becomes more challenging.

IKS Locksmiths are Master Locksmiths specialising in locks and fitting security grilles in North London. Should you wish to contact us with any questions or to arrange a security survey we would be glad to hear from you.


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