How to Secure a Basement – Advice on the Best Basement Security Solutions

As MLA approved locksmiths we are experienced in securing basements for flats, houses and businesses. Our locksmiths have extensive expertise in home security and commercial security in London and Hertfordshire. We are often asked how safe and secure basements are and the best way to secure a basement.

In this post we share our top basement security solutions from the best locks for doors and windows to home and commercial security grilles and more.

Are Basements Safe and Secure?

If you are buying or renting a property with a basement it is really important to be confident that adequate security is in place from the first day you move in. (Read our home movers security tips here.)

Basement rooms can be vulnerable to burglary because intruders can remain hidden while gaining access. This buys the burglar more time, so it is important to make access difficult by using high security measures.

basement window security installed in Richmond
External Security Bars in Richmond

Are Basement Flats a Good Investment?

Basement flats can offer excellent value for money in great London locations. With the right security, a property with a basement can be made safe and secure.

How to Choose the Best Security for a Basement

This article on the crime prevention website offers specific advice and helpful images. The reason Crime Prevention have a section on the website specific to basement security is because it is such an area of concern. They suggest choosing a Master Locksmith for the job – look for the approved company logo.

Master locksmith association approved company

Only a qualified experienced security expert will be able to get the right balance between security from intruders, safety and aesthetics. It’s just as important to be able to escape from the property as it is to keep intruders out. If you live in, or are considering, a basement flat or house with a basement ask yourself;

  • Is there an emergency escape route?
  • Is the security going to keep intruders out?

To ensure that you choose a genuine expert use our guide to How to Choose a Locksmith. You can search for your local Master Locksmith by postcode on the Master Locksmiths Association Website.

London locksmith

How Can I Secure My Basement?

Fortunately, there are number of ways to secure a basement to both deter and physically prevent intruder access. It is important to choose high security options to secure basement windows and doors.

Basement Window Security Options

With the right locks and security grilles or bars basement window security can be significantly improved. A qualified locksmith experienced in installing security grilles for house windows and locks will be able to advise you on the best locks and security grilles for your particular property. Always choose a qualified specialist with credentials for security advice. Read on for more advice.

basement security
Retractable Security Grilles in a Basement Flat in Hampstead

Basement Door Security Options

When it comes to basement doors it is important to choose the best locks for your particular door as a minimum. Also consider security gates and door reinforcement options to strengthen your door to prevent it being kicked in.

basement door security grilles

How to Reinforce a Basement Front Door

You can strengthen you door with;

  • Hinge bolts – to prevent the door being lifted off the hinges
  • Birmingham bar – to reinforce the hinge side of the door
  • London bar – to strengthen the lock side of the door
  • A lock guard – to prevent the lock being compromised

Read more here about how to make a door more secure.

Basement Locks

A genuine experienced locksmith will be able to advise you on the best basement door lock for your particular door and circumstances.

You can read more about the best locks for different doors here and about the best locks for windows here.

sash window lock installed for basement security
Sash Window Locks

It is particularly important to install high quality insurance approved locks for basement doors and windows. It is also well worth investing in high security locks for basement doors.

insurance approved deadlock
Insurance Approved 5 Level Deadlock Lock with a Lock Guard

Security Grilles for Basements

Security grilles for basement windows provide excellent security and they don’t need to look like prison bars! When security bars for windows and doors are well designed they can even compliment the property and add significant value as well as a great sense of security.

We are commercial and residential security gates installation specialists. Visit out security grilles gallery to see examples of concertina security grilles which can be opened and closed, Georgian bar grilles which can appear almost invisible and fixed grilles and bars for doors and windows.

Retail Basement Security

As security specialists we are experienced in securing retail shop fronts and basements in London and Hertfordshire. It is vital that shop owners can secure their shop front and stock holding areas at night and feel confident that the premises will be safe and secure.

shop security grilles
Shop Front Security at The Concept in Finsbury Park

As MLA approved locksmiths we provide a professional security service at competitive rates. Call us for security advice and a free security survey of your property.

Basement Security Locksmith in London

basement window bars installed in Finchley (North London)
Basement Burglar Bars in Finchley

IKS Locksmiths are one of only a small percentage of MLA approved locksmiths in the UK.

You can trust us with your commercial and home security. We have experience in everything from security grilles and locks to door entry systems for flats and basements. If you need advice on how to secure your basement so that you feel safe and secure call us.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.


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