Business Crime Rates in London – Emerging Trends and Hot Spots

business burglary

In this post we review trends in crime rates on the streets of London in recent years. We also address the likely affect of the COVID19 pandemic on London’s commercial crime rates for 2020.

With many offices left empty at present it seems prudent that businesses make commercial security a top priority. Here we share a review of business burglary in London and advice on how to secure your business premises.

If you do need a locksmith you can call IKS locksmiths in an emergency.

Metropolitan Police London Commercial Crime Stats

You can click to see the met police figures for business crime in London from 2016 onwards here.

You can sort the information to show;

  • Burglary


  • Business Rates
  • Residential Rates
  • Or Combined Business and Residential Rates

Commercial Burglary in London – Top 10 Hot Spots

The top 10 Commercial Burglary Crime Hot Spots in London 2016 -2019 according to the met police statistics are;

  1. Westminster
  2. Southwark
  3. Camden
  4. Barnet
  5. Wandsworth
  6. Hackney
  7. Bromley
  8. Tower Hamlets
  9. Lambeth
  10. Islington

As commercial property locksmiths in London we have noticed an increased demand for  business security updates in recent weeks. Burglary prevention and high-quality security measures are essential in ensuring that your property does not become a target for intruders. Professional burglars will always target the least secure property.

London Burglary Rates 2016 – 2019

You can see from the graph on the met police site that business burglary rates dropped significantly in April 2017 (it is unclear why) and have been creeping up since.

business burglary rates in london
Image courtesy of Met Police Stats and Data

Interestingly residential burglary rates have been climbing consistently since 2016.

home burglary rates in london
Image courtesy of Met Police Stats and Data

This article in The Guardian refers to police resources drained to dangerously low levels. This article in The Independent talks about Police numbers hitting a record low and a rise in crime levels. There is no doubt that low policing levels have a significant impact on crime rates.

As shutters and security grilles specialists in London we have noticed an increased demand for security grilles in London and the surrounding areas in the last few years. This may be influenced by increased business burglary rates. We often find that if a premises in a neighbourhood has been burgled then the neighbouring properties step up their security levels.

Office Retractable Security Grilles
Retractable Security Grilles on Offices Old Street

Security grilles and roller shutters installation in London are popular high security measures taken by many businesses. They have become common place for retail premises, restaurants and offices. Security grilles are an excellent investment for many businesses. This not to say that security grilles are always necessary. The need for security grilles varies depending on the business and the area.

Collapsible Security Grilles
Office in Old Street Internal View

Commercial Burglary Rates in London 2020

How will commercial burglary rates will change in 2020?

One to watch in the coming months. At the time of writing this there was no significant increase in the rates for February 2020. However, with many business premises left empty from March and London streets becoming increasingly deserted since the announcement by Boris Johnson for people to work from home where possible, it brings uncertain times for everyone. Great difficulty for many and for some they may see the situation as an opportunity to capitalise on the general sense of fear and unrest. There have already been reports of residential burglaries connected with COV-19.

You can check out last months residential and commercial burglary rates in London by area by searching on the Met Police Statistics link above.

It is very hard to predict the consequences of this unprecedented situation. The importance of both home and commercial security is paramount, and it may just have become increasingly important.

Business Burglary Prevention Advice

You can read our top tips on securing your business premises here.

It is important to arrange a free security survey and have contact with local commercial security specialist. If you have an emergency and your property is in Barnet you need to know that you can trust your local Barnet locksmith to resolve the matter without delay. An experienced business security expert will aim to provide your business with high security solutions that provide excellent value for money. Professional advice on the “business security must haves” for your individual business can be invaluable.

business burglary advice

Commercial Security Solutions

There are various ways to protect your business;

  • High Security Door and Window Locks – provide increased levels of security
high security locks - mul t lock
  • High Security Keys – ensure that duplicate keys can’t be easily cut.
  • Master Key Suites – give varying control to personnel at different levels
master key systems installation
  • Security Grilles – provide high security. A professional will give you honest advice on the suitability for your individual set of circumstances.
  • Security Safes – a specialist in the supply and installation of business safes will advise you on the best safe and the best place to install a safe.
business safe
  • Door closers – can provide security from theft and fire.
door closer
  • Door Reinforcement – adding extra security like a lock guard, hinge bolts, a Birmingham bar or London bar can make it much more challenging for intruders to gain access

If you have been burgled, our burglary checklist will help you to make sure that you have thought of all the issues that need to be addressed following a burglary, from arranging emergency lock repairs, and contacting your insurance company to reporting the theft of sensitive documents to the relevant parties.

Burglary Checklist

IKS Locksmiths are commercial security specialists in London and Hertfordshire. If you would like to arrange a free security survey or if you would like any advice on property security call us.

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