Is your Business Secure? Securing Your Business Premises – Top Tips

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Calling all business owners – are you confident in your business security systems?

Ticking all the boxes to meet the minimum insurance standards may not be enough when you consider the risks. A business owner will only know the true impact of a burglary on their business if they actually experience a break-in. Avoiding this is a much better option when you consider the potential risks to your business.

This article in the Independent pin points London as a burglary hotspot.

As a North London Locksmith experienced in emergency burglary repairs in London I have seen situations where business owners have experienced loss of;

  • Valuable equipment
  • Money
  • Irreplaceable items
  • Crucial or sensitive information
  • Trading hours
  • Profits
  • Reputation

The impact that a burglary can have on a business can’t realistically be recouped through insurance.

We operate as commercial locksmiths in Finchley and the surrounding areas and see a great deal of residential and commercial burglary in this area and notice that commercial crime in the area appears to be on an upward trend. This article names Finchley as the 3rd most burgled area in the UK!

Here on the Metropolitan Police website you can see details of numerous recent commercial burglaries in London. It is unnerving what these individuals will resort to when the stakes are high. Safety of personnel is an important consideration.

With an increase in business premises being targeted, business security is becoming increasingly important. More often than not the intruders are aware of valuable items with in the premises and the strike is premeditated.

Addressing your individual commercial property security needs effectively will protect your business from the misfortune of a setback.

When addressing small business security or indeed any business security a key concern is;

Protecting a business from loss of equipment that could prevent the business from operating. An experienced professional locksmith will attend your premises and propose commercial security systems tailored to the individual needs of a particular business within a suitable budget.

IKS Locksmiths Commercial Security Tips

Tip 1

Commercial door locks and gate locks are the first line of defence. Make sure your external doors have the relevant insurance approved deadlocks. A high security padlock or door lock can be an excellent deterrent and a statement that you take your commercial security very seriously.

Tip 2

Consider suitable door reinforcement

Tip 3 

Key operated locks for windows are an additional way to keep intruders at bay.

Tip 4

Call a Master Locksmith to deal with your business security needs. This will ensure the locksmith is accredited, trusted and local. This is not a job to be trusted to a builder or rogue locksmith. This article gives tips on how to choose a locksmith.

Tip 5

An alarm, grilles and CCTV may or may not be necessary. A trustworthy locksmith will give you his honest and professional opinion on whether these are a worthwhile investment for your individual business.

Each business and every circumstance differs. At IKS Locksmiths we are aware that there is no one solution for all business premises. This is why we offer a free security survey of your premises. This will provide you valuable insight into the potential risks and security solutions for your individual business. We would welcome the opportunity to advise you on a commercial security solutions tailored to the needs of your business.



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