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We are emergency locksmiths in London experienced in burglary repairs and security measures to prevent burglaries. In this post we share some tips on how to prevent burglary and avoid becoming a victim.

3 Steps to Preventing Burglary;

  1. Deterring burglars – ideally you can avoid becoming a target at all
  2. Preventing access – make access to your property it as difficult as possible
  3. Protecting valuables make sure your valuables are well hidden and secure

Avoid common traps that victims of burglary fall into. Find out more about how to prevent break ins here.

How Can I Make My House Less Attractive to Burglars?

Do you know how to keep burglars away from your house? Top priority when thinking about how to how to deter burglars is to secure all external doors and windows. This will actually prevent as well as deter intruder access.

Burglary target home

Physical Security is the First Thing an Intruder Will Check!

The first thing that an intruder will check is how easy it will be to access your property!

The most important means of preventing home invasion is to show that you take your security seriously with high quality security measures in place. Professionally installed locks and high security grilles are a real turn off for a criminal. Once you have addressed your basic home security there are other ways you can avoid becoming a target.

Additional Ways to Deter Intruders

If you are want to know how to keep thieves away there are a number of things you can do. When targeting a property a burglar will observe the owners habits, routines and movements.

beware of the dog sign to deter intruders
Image by Mandee Sears via Flickr

Indoor and Outdoor Burglary Prevention Measures

  • Light timers are well worth the investment. Lights left permanently off or on for days are like an open invitation to a burglar.
  • Position mirrors for privacy show so they don’t show the interior of your home.
  • A tidy garden will show the property is occupied and ensure that there are not places for intruders to hide round the house.
  • Hide packaging of any new items. Turn them inside out.
  • Secure ladders so they can’t be used for access.
  • Neighbourhood watch stickers in the windows and posters on the lamp posts will help deter intruders.
  • Beware of the dog signs are a good deterrent even if you don’t have a dog. There are even dog barking door bells available! You can even leave a dog bowl and bone suitable for a giant dog outside the house.
  • Garden Lights with movements sensors are very off putting for a burglar who isn’t keen to be in the spotlight.
  • Installing a CCTV system.
  • Even a dummy CCTV camera would make a burglar think twice about targeting your property. Ideally you would have the real thing.
  • A dummy alarm box can have a similar effect. Dummy CCTV and alarm box are relatively low cost options.

Changing Your Behaviour to Deter Intruders

  • Don’t broadcast your plans on Social Media. Comments like “So excited to go on holiday tomorrow!” are an invitation to a potential intruder.
  • Leaving the radio on when you leave the house.
  • Calling “Good bye!” to an imaginary person as you leave the house. You may not realise that you are being watched.
  • When you Leave to Go on Holiday pack the car quickly and discreetly, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on things, Carefully consider a plan for regular deliveries
burglary and social media
Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Read more about to how to deter intruders and what makes your home a burglary target.

How Do I Make Sure No One Breaks Into My House?

Door and window security locks, security grilles and door reinforcement are not only the best burglar deterrent, they will also physically keep the intruders out!

What Are The Most Secure Locks

It is important to seek professional advice on the best locks for doors and windows and garden gates. It will depend on the door and the circumstance. You can read this post about the best locks for different doors.

gate lock

How to Protect Windows From Being Smashed

Double glazing or toughened glass are much harder for intruders to smash and are an expense that is well worth considering. Adding security grilles instead of as well as strong glazing will greatly increase your window security to prevent glass being smashed.

security grilles

A professional locksmith will provide a free security survey and recommendations.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Burglary Prevention which leaves no stone unturned when it comes to preventing home invasions.

Where Do Burglars Look First?

Burglars know the cliché hiding places for valuables like under the mattress and the back of bedroom drawers. If you don’t have a professionally installed security safe you need to hide valuables in places that are not obvious!

Where to Hide Valuables from Intruders

Installing a safe for valuables is highly advisable. You can buy home safes in a range of sizes, types and costs. You can even install as safe in a wardrobe so that it is out of sight. This will give you real peace of mind that your valuables are secure.

Safe for valuables

If a safe is not an option then you need to be very creative when hiding your valuables. You could hide items in the fridge, freezer, laundry bin or even in salt or pepper pots. There are lots of options when you really think about it. Just don’t forget where your valuables are or risk them being thrown away, that is what would make me nervous!

hide your valuables from burglars
Image by Joe King via Flickr

It is a good idea to mark your belongings so they can be easily identified if they do get stolen.

label valuables
Image by West Midlands Police via Flickr

Updating your security as a priority, following our tips on deterring intruders and hiding your valuables well should allow you to relax in the knowledge your family and valuables are safe and secure.

Professional Advice on Burglary Prevention

IKS Locksmiths are based in North London, we are home security specialists approved by the Master Locksmith Association. I hope you have gleaned some useful information on how to prevent home invasion. Contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange a review of your home security with a free security survey.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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