The Ultimate Burglary Prevention Guide

burglary prevention

Do you want to know everything you need to do to prevent a burglary? At IKS we see exactly how and why people become victims of burglary and know how to burglary can be prevented. So how can we prevent burglary?

How to Prevent Burglary – Advice from a Security Specialist

We are Barnet locksmiths with over 15 years of experience and are often first on the scene of a burglary to deal with emergency door replacement and repairs or to change locks.

How Do Burglars Get In?

I regularly see different reasons why burglaries have happened and how they could have been prevented. I have written here about how thieves break into houses.

Experiencing burglary ranks highly as one of the most traumatic experiences anyone goes through in life. The effects can be much more significant than you would expect.

It can help if you know what burglars look for in a target. You can read here about how burglars think. Then you need to consider what you can do to help yourself!

Preventing Burglary – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

To assess how good your home security is, ask yourself these 5 questions;

  1. Is My Home a Target for Burglary?
  2. Do I Have The Right Basic Insurance Approved Locks?
  3. What Bad Daily Habits Do I Have That Could Attract Intruders?
  4. How Can I Upgrade My Security to Make It High Security?
  5. How Do I Choose the Best Security Specialist and Avoid Rogue Traders?

I will help you to answer these questions to ensure your security is up to scratch.

1) Is My Property a Target for Burglary?

There are a number of factors that can make your property a target for burglary.

The most important piece of advice I can give you in relation to your home being a target is to make it obvious to intruders that you take your security seriously.

You can read about what makes your home a target for burglary and how to show intruders you take your security seriously here.

Showing that you are serious about your security, with physical security measures like metal window security bars or high security locks, is a powerful deterrent. Burglars go for the easiest option. Having the most secure home on your street will seriously reduce your chances of being burgled.

2) Do I Have The Right Basic Insurance Approved Locks?

The correct insurance approved locks are not only a good deterrent but they will also help to make a burglars job much more difficult. They act as a physical barrier which intruders find more difficult to break into.

what are insurance approved locks

It is important to have insurance approved locks for doors and windows and that they are installed correctly by a professional security specialist.

  • All external doors should have a high quality BS3621 5 lever deadlock (as seen in the image below).
  • All windows should have key operated window locks.
burglary prevention - high quality BS3621 5 lever deadlock

You can more read more about the insurance approved locks you should have here.

3) What Habits Do I Have That Could Attract Intruders?

Good habits can help reduce the likelihood of a burglary. Bad security habits provide opportunities for intruders.

A) Not Locking Your Doors and Windows Every Time You Go Out.

Not using the deadlock on your door is a common mistake I see. Windows left unsecured are another problem. Making this mistake will invalidate your insurance policy!

key operated window locks

B) Visible signs of Valuables at the property

  • Keep valuables, including keys well hidden and out of sight.
  • Turn packaging of new items inside out for disposal.
  • Store valuables in a safe
Safe for valuables

C) A Property That Looks Empty

Don’t make it obvious when you are leaving for the day or to go on holiday. Intruders watch for patterns and habits. These tricks can help give the impression you are home;

  • Lights on a timer: Set your hall and sitting room lights to switch on automatically when it gets dark using a timer.
  • A radio on a timer gives the illusion of the house being occupied.
  • Close your curtains or blinds.
  • Ask a family member or a trusted neighbour to shut your post box and open your blinds/curtains during the day and close them again at night time.
  • Social media brings with it new problems. Don’t advertise you’re holidays on Facebook or any social media site. Doing this could even invalidate an insurance claim, read about it here.
  • Cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers or anything else that could give clues that the property is unattended.
burglary prevention during a holiday

D) Poor Garden Security

Outdoor home security can often be overlooked. The garden is a key area that burglars will look at for opportunities.

To improve garden security follow these tips;

  • Install good key operated gate locks on all garden or side access gates. Read about the best locks for garden gates here.
  • Keep your garden neat and tidy so as not to provide hiding spots for intruders.
  • Secure or store ladders which intruders could use to climb through a window.
  • Hide garden valuables such as bikes, tools and garden furniture.
  • Secure balconies and windows leading from low roofs that allow easy access.
  • Light the grounds with a motion activated light.
gate lock

4) How Can I Upgrade My Security to Make It High Security?

You may want to know how to upgrade from basic security to high security.

mul t lock high security locks to prevent burglary

Reasons To Choose High Security

Often people look into high security options if they;

  • Have high value items in their home.
  • Live in a high crime area – such as Islington or Camden.
  • Have heard about burglaries in the area.
  • Have been burgled.
london burglary rates
Image Courtesy of Barnet.Gov. Burglary rate per 1,000 residents for London boroughs, year ending June 2019

How To Check Your Local London Crime Rates?

For further information on London crime rates in different areas you can;

Ways to Improve Security

There are a number of ways to improve your security;

You can read more about how to maximise your home security here.

security grilles

5) How Do I Choose the Best Security Specialist and Avoid Rogue Traders?

Would you allow just anyone to deal with your security?

It is vital to choose a locksmith who;

  • You can trust – they should be DBS checked and recommended
  • Knows what they are doing – a qualified and experienced specialist

Searching for a locksmith in your area on the Master Locksmiths Association website is the best way to ensure you find a reliable security specialist.

You can read more about how to choose a locksmith here.

choosing a locksmith

Police Burglary Prevention Advice

You can find tips from the police on ways to prevent burglary on their website. The police choose MLA approved locksmiths.

IKS Locksmiths are MLA approved locksmiths based in North London. Would you like us to carry out a free no obligation security survey of your property? If you would like to check your security levels give us a call.

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