Expert Tips to Secure Your Windows from Burglars

As specialists in upgrading home security for windows and doors, we know the best way to secure windows to prevent burglary.

The Importance of Securing Windows

IKS are experts in emergency burglary repair, so we have an insight into all the tricks of the trade used by intruders when breaking into properties. Through experience of regularly attending properties following a break in, we can assure you that home window security is as important as door security, if not more! Windows are extremely vulnerable, particularly when they are poorly secured.

Alternative Ways to Secure Windows to Deter Burglars

There are several options available when you want to upgrade the security of the windows in your property. We tend to take a customised approach to securing windows to achieve the best results.

Factors Which Determine the Best Options to Secure Your Windows

There will be many factors that influence the most suitable security solution for your particular windows. For example,

  • The type of windows – wooden, metal or UPVC
  • How the windows open
  • If the windows are at the upper, ground or basement level
  • How easily accessible the windows are from outside

Advice From an Experienced Window Security Specialist

It is always advisable to have a full security survey with a specialist in window security. Recommendations of the most secure and cost effective window security options are invaluable. The best ways to secure windows are usually either high quality security window locks or bespoke design security grilles for windows, or a combination of both depending on the circumstance.

The Best Window Locks

Choosing the best window safety locks for homes will largely depend on the type of windows in the property. The locks required for UPVC, metal and wooden windows differ.

The Best Locks for UPVC Windows

In general UPVC windows are less secure than wooden windows because there is less flexibility in terms of what can be added to upgrade the security of a UPVC window. It is advisable to add an extra level of security to the standard key operated lock on a UPVC window handle.

As a basic starting point make sure that your standard handle locks are in good working order. In addition to this, there are a few additional options to consider when upgrading the security UPVC of windows.

  1. A UPVC restrictor hinge will prevent the window from being opened more than a certain amount-this is ideal for keeping children safe
  2. Jackloc restrictor installation will restrict the opening. Jacklocs are strong and can be locked in an open or closed position. Read our review from the MLA EXPO 2023 of Jacklock’s newest product Titan – “The most secure and strongest window restrictor on the market worldwide”. In an emergency, they can be opened from the outside by a keyholder making them suitable for the elderly.
  3. UPVC sash jammers provide an extra level of security to a UPVC window. The sash jammer arm pivots to hold the window in place to prevent forced entry. Usually, 1 sash jammer is installed on a window.

UPVC windows are often targeted by professional intruders which is why it is advisable to aim for the highest level of security possible.

Titan Jackloc UPVC window lock security
Titan Jackloc

The Best Locks for Metal Windows

Options are limited when it comes to upgrading metal window locks. Modern Crittle windows will have a lock integrated into the window. There is not much flexibility to install additional locks to older Crittle windows due to the lack of room around the window to install locks. For this reason, the best option for metal windows is usually to install high security grilles to complement the style of the windows. An invisible window bar look is often achievable with professional made to measure design security bar installation. The resulting high level of security is well worth the investment. Especially for metal windows with low security locks which leave windows vulnerable and are an obvious target for intruders.

The Best Locks for Wooden Windows

If your home has wooden casement windows you are in luck! Wooden windows provide the most flexibility in terms of security upgrade options. In our opinion as security specialists, the best security windows for homes are double glazed wooden windows.

Strong window lock installation can be achieved by drilling into the window frame and there is usually ample room to upgrade with several window lock options. The best lock for your wooden windows will depend on the type of windows. It is always advisable to choose an approved professional for window lock installation to ensure that the window locks are installed to meet insurance standards.

sash window lock installed

Window Security Grilles, Bars and Gates

Security grilles and gates provide the highest levels of protection for windows. Many of our London clients choose to enhance window security with high security grilles.

Professionally designed bespoke security bars complement and blend with the style of the property. Choose from made to measure fixed window bars or retractable security grilles for windows and doors, which can be closed and opened.

security grilles installation to match the window
Fixed Security Grilles in Hampstead

Professional Security Advice on Home Window Security

Our experienced security professionals will advise you on the ideal security options for your windows and your circumstances. Our experts take into consideration window type, property style, location and potential for burglary in the area.

Cost Effective Security Upgrades to Prevent Burglary

Should you wish to upgrade home security windows and doors with cost effective solutions contact us IKS are MLA approved security specialists and we will assist you in finding ways to secure your home at the best possible price.

Contact IKS for a free of charge telephone consultation followed by a security survey.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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