IKS MLA EXPO 2023 Highlights

I spent the 20th and 21st of October at the Master Locksmiths Association MLA Expo 2023 Locksmith Trade Show in The International Centre, Telford.

MLA EXPO October 2023

A few days well spent at the locksmith exhibition with lots of security product inspiration, specialist security training and excellent security product deals. It is always great to meet up face to face with suppliers, the Master Locksmiths Association and fellow locksmiths. I always get so much from my time spent at the show and come back feeling inspired and with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for my role in providing specialist security solutions in the London area.

My Top 3 Security Products at MLA Expo

There were so many great products at the show I wish could mention them all, but these are just 3 that stood out most as new products for our particular customers.

1) The Burton Companion Safe

This was a show stopper at the show in the safes category. As specialists in graded safes and high security safe services we feel that this safe has so much to offer. Not only does this small safe pack a punch in terms of luxury appeal but it offers so much in the way of practical advantages and value for money.

Burton Companion safe - small insurance approved safe

Aesthetic Appeal

In terms of luxury aesthetic features, I was very impressed by the design and value aspect of this beautiful £3000 insurance rated small safe, which is perfect for home or office use. The dimensions are H51 x W45 x D45. The design details that stood out were:

  • The sleek exterior design would blend beautifully with any interior
  • The faux leather lined interior with a quilted effect
  • The chrome finish on the shelves, keyhooks and slotted pocket in the door
  • The LED lighting that automatically activates on opening
companion safe

Practical Advantages

Not to mention the many practical benefits this safe offers:

  • As well as a sleek touchscreen digital keypad for 6 digit pin it also has biometric locking (up to 50 fingerprints).
  • The steel body and door provide anti drill protection
  • 16mm motorised locking bolts
  • It weighs 39kg and can be installed on a wall or floor

Companion Safe Installation

If you would like to buy the Companion safe contact us for advice on the best safe installation for your particular property. We provide bespoke specialist safe installation in London with a service to meet each customer’s individual needs.

2) The Titan Window Lock by Jackloc

I was very impressed with the Titan folding window restrictor by Jackloc. As burglary prevention specialists in London we install a lot of window locks to meet insurance standards and the features of this new lock were very impressive.

Titan Window Lock by Jackloc

Titan Window Lock Product Features

The steel folding mechanism makes the Titan the most secure and strongest window restrictor on the market worldwide. The security level of this Jackloc window lock was a topic of great interest for many security specialists at the show.

  • The lock has been tested with the 74 stone force of five adult males (to find that the actual window broke before the lock did)
  • The individual design of the steel folding mechanism prevents tampering and makes it incredibly strong
  • Despite its strength, a sleek design to compliment any window has been achieved
  • It is key lockable in an open or closed position
  • When locked in the open position the Titan allows an opening of no more than 100mm, to ensure security levels whilst allowing airflow
  • If you want to open the window fully you can do this easily with the key
  • The Titan window lock comes with a 10 year guarantee

Titan Window Lock Fitting

The Titan folding window restrictor can be fitted vertically or horizontally. Professional installation will ensure that your window locks meet insurance standards and that your security levels are high. Contact us for professional window lock installation in London.

3) The Tedee Smart Lock by ACCESS2

The Tedee Lock can make your door smart in minutes! I have to admit that the scope of possibilities for this new smart lock product really got me excited.

As a London based lock installation specialist I tend to tread carefully when it comes to new smart lock concepts. What I really liked about the Tedee smart lock is that it can be retrofitted to a door so that the integrity of the existing mechanical lock is maintained. This provides the property owner with high levels of security teamed with the flexibility of a smart lock product.

Tedee Smart Lock

Tedee Smart Lock Features

The Tedee smart lock is a motorised thumbturn powered by an app on your smartphone or watch. Some really great features of this smart product are:

  • You can unlock a door remotely from your smartphone or watch
  • The Tedee smart thumbturn can be retrofitted to the inside of a door, to work alongside your existing mechanical lock
  • Flexibility of the choice to use a key, the app or even a pin code depending on what is most appropriate in a particular circumstance
  • The ability to control access to multiple doors in multiple properties remotely
  • Add on products allow the user to control access to an automatic gate on a gated home or garage
  • A log keeps track of access to the property
  • You can set Tedee to automatically lock when the door closes – no more worrying if you remembered to lock the door

Who Can Benefit from Tedee Smart Lock Features?

I can see so much potential for this smart lock product in London. There are so many property owners who could benefit from the advantages of full electronic access control.

  • Property owners who are letting multiple properties
  • Convenient Airbnb and holiday let security
  • Commercial letting companies
  • Businesses – access cards could become a thing of the past
  • Gated properties with automatic gates and garages
  • Property owners who want the security of a mechanical lock paired with the convenience of a smart lock
  • New developments with a focus on smart homes

Tedee Smart Lock Fitting

This product would suit any property owner looking for secure access control. The Tedee smart thumb turn can be installed to work alongside the existing door lock. As burglary prevention specialists we look at each case individually and advise property owners on the best security for their individual circumstances. We can see a lot of potential in this product and would advise our customers on the best way to use it in conjunction with high security mechanical locks in order to maintain high levels of security and keep the risk of intrusion low.

MLA 2023 in Summary

As always it was well worth the trip from London to Telford for the Master Locksmith Exhibition for a range of reasons. There were many great security products that caught my eye at the show and I wish I was able to mention them all! A big thank you to the MLA and all the MLA EXPO exhibitors for another great show. I look forward to doing it all again at MLA Expo 2025!

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For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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