How To Stop Dog Theft – Security Tips

We are increasingly asked about how to keep dogs safe at home. The last year has brought about significant change. With increasing numbers of people buying puppies demand has escalated and prices have almost tripled in some cases. Sadly this trend has brought with it a significant increase in puppy theft. It is a terrible shame to see something that should bring joy to a family become a source of worry and anxiety.

Worry About Pet Theft

The solution to easing the anxiety associated with dog theft, as with any theft, is to put measures and habits in place to prevent the likelihood of having your dog stolen.

puppy theft

Appropriate prevention measures will allow you and your family to enjoy relaxed walks and family life with your pet and avoid unnecessary stress.

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Be Stolen

You can read here about the 10 dog breeds that are most likely to be stolen in the UK. With popular breeds such as the French Bulldog, Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel at the top of the list it is a concern for many dog owners.

French bull dog

Dog Theft Prevention Tips

The RSPC advise on pet theft. The focus is very much on prevention for example making sure your pet is microchipped and being careful who you leave your dog with.

Read this post from Animal Friends for general tips to prevent dog theft. In the post they talk about;

  • The laws in relation to dog kidnapping
  • The reasons someone would steal a dog – for example resale, ransom, breeding or fighting
  • How to protect a pet when walking them
  • The importance of not leaving your dog unsupervised in your garden
  • What to do if your dog is stolen
dog walking

Home Burglary and Pets

There has been an increase in concern about burglary where the target is a puppy or cherished family pet. Pet owners are concerned about night-time security as well as security during the day when they are at work. They want to know how to have the best protection for their dogs in their homes. Many pets have become accustomed to having company throughout the day and many dogs can have issues with being left alone.

Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Not only is your pet barking distressing but it can also draw attention to the fact a pet is home alone. Read here for advice on separation anxiety for dogs. This is a significant step to prevent attracting unwanted attention from intruders. If this is a concern for you it is advisable look into ways to improve your home security.

Image courtesy of Informedmag

Home Security Tips to Protect a Pet

A number of dog owners have contacted us asking for advice on how to improve home security due to fears their pet could attract intruders. Each property should be surveyed on an individual basis, however there are some general security tips I suggest for ensuring high security.

Garden Security Advice

Gardens and back doors are a common entry point.

  • A good garden gate and high quality, key operated garden gate lock is important. You can read about gate locks here.
  • Side alleyways leading to your garden should also have a good gate and lock.
  • Ensure that there is nothing left in the area that would allow an intruder to climb over the fence.
gate lock fitted on garden entry
Key Operated Gate Lock

Secure Patio Doors and Back Doors

Intruder access is commonly through the rear of a property.

  • It is important to ensure that your door is secured with the best locks.
  • You many also want to look into the possibility of stepping up security with security grilles installation to prevent intruders attempting access by smashing the glass in your patio doors.

You can read more about patio door security here.

security grilles installed
Collapsible Security Grilles for Patio Doors

Window Security

Windows left open and not properly secured are a common mistake.

  • Windows should have high quality key operated window locks.
  • Security grilles for windows not only add an extra level of security but also deter intruders from even attempting access. Bespoke security grilles are available in a number of styles to suit different types of windows.
key operated window locks
Key Operated Windows Locks

Front Door Security

Good front door security is a key indicator of how seriously you take your security. There are a number of ways you can make your front door a turn off for intruders.

  • High quality locks such as 3 star antisnap locks for UPVC doors
  • High security locks and keys add an additional level of security
  • Door reinforcement – adding a lock guard, Birmingham bar, London bar or hinge bolts can significantly strengthen your front door and deter intruders
  • A door entry system can help you monitor people approaching your property and deter attempted burglary
A Lock Guard Deters Intruders

Free Security Survey with an MLA Approved Locksmith in London

It is rewarding to hear clients say that they feel more comfortable about their home security when we have surveyed their property and put security measures in place. There is great value in peace of mind!

If you are based in London or Hertfordshire and are concerned about protecting your pet and home from intruders contact us to arrange a free security survey.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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