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Are you buying new patio doors? Do you want to know which type of patio doors are most secure?

From sliding glass door security to bifold door security and more we are experts in patio door security. As 24hr emergency locksmiths based in London we seen many burglaries and have all the information you need to know about choosing the most secure doors and how to secure your doors to protect against burglary.

If you are choosing new patio doors you will most likely want to know which type of patio doors are the most secure. Back doors are often vulnerable and patio door security is top priority.

In this post we will advise you on what to look for in patio door security. We will also advise you on how to make your chosen patio door even more secure.

What are the most secure patio doors?

There are various types of patio doors available. When buying new patio doors you need to choose;

  • The style of door
  • The door material.

Below I share my expertise based on my experience as a North London based emergency burglary repair locksmith.

What is the most secure style of back door?

The 3 of the most common types of patio doors are;

  1. Sliding doors
  2. Bifold doors
  3. French doors

How secure are sliding doors?

As experts in high security door locks installation we have seen over the years that there are a lot of low quality sliding doors on the market providing poor security. It is important to choose high quality sliding doors with high quality locks.

Sliding patio doors can be very secure if the locking points are right. Ideally you would have a multipoint locking mechanism with bolts shooting up and down into the floor.

sliding door security

How secure are bifold doors?

Which is better bifold or sliding doors? Both types of doors have their benefits and vulnerabilities. It is important to get security advice on how to secure your particular doors from a security specialist. Security measures for bifold doors are similar to sliding doors as mention above.

If you do opt for bi-fold doors it is again important to choose high quality bi-fold doors with good multi point locks to prevent the doors being lifted from the tracks or forced open.

bifold door security

How secure are French doors?

Which is better French door or sliding door? Traditional timber French doors can be just as secure as the new modern style doors provided they have the right locks on the doors. Again it comes down to the right locks and the level of quality you choose.

french door security

What is the best material to use for patio doors?

Different materials provide different benefits in terms of durability and upkeep. This is my advice from a security perspective;

  1. Wood – wooden doors can provide high security because locks can be morticed (cut) into wood.
  2. Aluminium – there are good multi point locking systems available if you are prepared to spend on the highest quality.
  3. UPVC – UPVC doors can be vulnerable if the right locks aren’t used and fitted correctly. Choose with care.
  4. Composite – similar security issues to UPVC doors, high quality locks and fitting are vital.

We provide professional wooden, aluminium, composite and UPVC door locksmith services. We see a lot of issues with vulnerable UPVC doors.

What are the best patio doors to choose?

The best doors to choose are high quality doors with good locks in your chosen style. I have carried out burglary repairs on many types of doors and what makes patio doors vulnerable is;

  • Poor quality locks
  • Poorly fitted locks

Personally I have opted for high quality sliding aluminium doors with multipoint locks. When choosing patio doors you will need to consider the style that works with your property and maintenance as well as security. Whichever style you choose ensure that you choose a high quality option and seek advice from a security specialist as to the best way to secure the doors.

What should I look for when buying a patio door?

Regardless of which patio doors you choose there are security features that you should look out for.

What should I look for in a sliding patio door?

When buying sliding doors choose high quality sliding doors with multi point locks which lock both upwards and downwards. This prevents the doors being lifted off the tracks.

What should I look for in a bifold door?

Choosing the highest quality product is extremely important when it comes to choosing bi-fold doors. If you think about it when Bi-fold doors are open the weight of the door opening out into the garden is putting pressure on the hinges. The mechanics and operation of a bifold door are more complex than sliding or French doors and this tends to present more problems with alignment which can affect the locks and need for readjustments and repairs.

You can read here about what to look for in high quality bifold doors.

What should I look for in a French door?

If you are choosing French doors choose high quality. For wooden French doors a high quality 5 lever deadlock is important. For UPVC French doors a multipoint locking mechanism and anti snap lock is a must.

When choosing French doors it is important to seek advice from an approved locksmith about security measures that can be put in place to improve security. Some French doors are more vulnerable than others and the location of the doors needs to be considered.

locksmith patio door security

How do I protect my patio doors from burglars?

If you want to know how to secure a patio door effectively seek advice from your local MLA approved locksmith. A professional will advise you on the best patio door security measures for your individual set of circumstances.

MLA Locksmith

There are a number of options from locks and security accessories which strengthen doors to sliding security grilles which have become increasingly popular. Find out more about our bespoke patio door grilles range here.

How can I make my patio doors more secure?

Search for your local MLA approved locksmith to carry out a free security survey on your property to provide recommendations for your individual situation. You can read here about the best locks for different types of doors.

How can I make my sliding door more secure?

There are a number of options for securing sliding glass doors, including sliding security grilles. Read about how to make sliding doors more secure here.

How can I make my bi-fold door more secure?

The security measures for sliding door security are also applicable to bi-fold door security. It very much depends on the individual patio doors and property configuration.

bifold door secured with grilles
Retractable High Security Grilles on Bi-fold Doors

How can I make my French doors more secure?

There are different means of security French doors depending on the type of doors. You can read in more details about how to secure French doors here.

upvc door lock

Whatever type of patio door you have an experienced locksmith will advise you on the best security options for your particular circumstances.

You can read more here about which type of front door is most secure and what you need to look for when choosing from different types of front doors.

Remember that intruders will avoid the house with the best security on the street. Professional burglars recognise both good and poor security. You can read more about what makes your home a target for burglary here.

Patio Door Security Specialist London

It is important to call a security specialist as opposed to relying on your builder to deal with your security. Whether you need locks or metal security gates for doors, security is a specialist area and requires expertise to get it right. If you are embarking on home improvements you may like to read our important extension building security tips.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free security survey in or around the North London area.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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