How To Store Gold Bullion at Home

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With so many people choosing to invest in precious metals we are often asked for advice on how to hide gold at home so that it is safe and secure. As home safes installation specialists in London we can tell you that there are a number of important considerations when making an effective security plan for storing gold at home. Of course, choosing the best home safe for gold and silver and professional installation is top of the list of priorities.

Is it Good to Keep Gold at Home?

It is appropriate to store gold at home in some scenarios but not always ideal in every case. Read our post about “other ways to store your gold bars and silver bullion to find out where you can store gold and silver if you don’t want to keep them in your home.

Pros and Cons of Storing Gold at Home

Seek advice from a specialist to help you decide if you would like to keep your precious metals investments in your home.

  • Pros – The advantages of storing gold at home are easy access, privacy and control of your assets, cuts out a 3rd party involvement and costs
  • Cons – There are disadvantages to storing gold at home including space, security and the right environment

Depending on the amount of gold that you want to store and the space you have, hiding your assets at home can come with many advantages, when well planned by a professional security specialist.

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Storing Gold at Home

If you decide to store gold at home ensure that you make a solid plan, that is future proof by seeking professional help from an expert in safe installation.

Factors to consider when securing gold at home are;

  • Location – where to hide gold at home, choosing the right space for a gold safe is important
  • Installation – professional safe installation where the safe is securely bolted to the floor is vital
  • Home insurance requirements – make sure that you choose the most appropriate grade of safe for the value you intend to store
  • High security measures – arrange for an expert to check your entire property security to deter and physically prevent intruders from accessing your property
  • Conditions – seek advice from an expert about the environment required to prevent damage to precious metals in storage

If you plan well you can reap the benefits of knowing how to hide gold at home so that it is secure, safe and accessible.

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How Do You Protect Gold and Precious Metals Longterm?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding how to store gold.

  • Space – consider the amount you plan to store now and longterm, the volume and the weight
  • The atmosphere – precious metals should be stored in a dry area away from any contaminants
  • What items will be stored together – tarnishing will occurr if gold and silver are stored together
  • The value to be stored – check if your home insurance will cover the value and what their requirements are. Read the small print! The value of the goods to be stored will determine the safe grade required. Read about graded safes here.
  • Risk of fire and flood damage – depending on where your safe is installed and the contents you may need a fireproof and water resistant safe to ensure your investment is kept in pristine condition to maintain its optimum value.

How Much Gold Can You Keep at Home?

There are no legal restrictions on the amount of gold you can store at home. However, there may be a maximum amount that can be insured and space is a consideration. High net worth insurance companies will provide higher levels of cover for properties with high levels of security. Speak to our experts for advice on high security measures required to achieve the best home contents insurance cover.

Property Security for Storing Gold Bullion and Precious Metals at Home

When storing any valuables at home it is advisable to ensure that your general home security is of a high standard with solid physical high security measures in place as a priority. Intruder alarms and a video entry system can also be a good additional deterrent.

Upgrading to the best security will not only prevent intruders from physically accessing your home but will also provide significant advantages when securing the best high net worth insurance policy.

High Security Locks and Door Reinforcement

Upgrading to high security locks for doors is a must when securing precious metals at home. You can read about Banham locks and other high security locks here. There are a number of security measures we can put in place to upgrade your door and window security. Contact IKS for to find out more about Banham locks installation and other high security locks options.

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Banham Door Locks in Kensington

High Security Grilles for Doors and Windows

Bespoke security grilles provide high security and can enhance the look of your property when well designed by an expert grilles specialist. They are an excellent deterrent and physical barrier to intruder entry.

security grilles installation
High Security Fixed Window Grilles in Hampstead

Visit our security grilles gallery to see examples of made to measure high security fixed and collapsible grilles.

MLA approved specialist locksmith

Gold Safe Installation Specialists

IKS are security specialists approved by the Master Locksmiths Association. We are based in North London and we provide a custom service for the installation of safes for gold and precious metals security across the UK. If you are looking into storing gold and precious metals as an investment and require maximum security contact our security experts for advice.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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