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IKS Locksmiths Prices

I am an MLA approved locksmith in Chipping Barnet. In this post I will share with you our prices and pricing strategy to allow you to make an informed decision about what is a realistic amount to expect to pay for a “good, trustworthy” locksmith. These are the costs you would expect to pay for a reliable emergency locksmith in London with fixed prices.

NB: We provide a security survey and quote free of charge

If a price seems as cheap as chips and too good to be true it probably is – don’t get caught out by being rushed to accept vague cheap unrealistic quotes and quick arrival times on the phone!

Here we share our prices for;

  • Emergency Response Locksmiths Services
  • Non emergency property security services

We give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for our high quality specialist security products;

  • Locks
  • Security Accessories
  • Grilles
  • Safes

At IKS Locksmiths are a family run mobile MLA Locksmiths in North London. Being mobile means we can keep overheads low and provide out customers with high quality products and workmanship for extremely competitive prices. 

IKS Locksmiths Pricing and Quoting Structure

We give an accurate estimate at the time of confirming a job. IKS Locksmiths prices are based on 4 elements as follows;

  • Fixed Labour Charge – No Call Out Charge
  • Materials
  • Parking or congestion charges
  • VAT

All 4 elements will be discussed and agreed at the time of the quote – so no surprises. You can read here about the information you should be asked for when calling for a quote.

Customers are only charged for work completed! A quote and call out is not chargeable.

realistic locksmith costs and charges

1) Fixed Labour Charge (No Call Out Charge!): – we only charge for work completed, not for attending the site

Prices are quoted within a range based on how long a job will take. If you are locked out and the locks that need opened are known by the locksmith to be particularly awkward it is possible that an hourly rate may be issued, however this is not something we usually do.

Labour Charges exclusive of VAT:

  • Standard 6am – 6pm           £70+
  • Evening   6pm – 10pm        £75 – £120
  • Night time 10pm – 6am      £100 – £180
  • Bank holidays                         £75 – £120

These labour charges apply to North London. Whether you are looking for locksmiths in the Islington area, in Barnet or another North London location the price remains the same. Emergency rates for central London are higher. A fixed labour charge quoted will not change dependant on the length of time at the job.

We never charge a “Call Out Charge”. You can read about locksmith call out charges here

what does no call out charge mean?

2) Materials


When asked how much does it cost to change a lock we need to gain as much information as possible from the customer to give an accurate estimate.

The cost of a lock will depend on;

  • The lock required for the job
  • The quality requested by the customer – we always tell the customer which is the best value lock

We stock high quality locks to cater for a range of budgets. The quote will include an estimate of possible lock costs. This is what you can expect to pay for good locks;

  • Mortice locks (sometimes referred to as Chubb locks) range from £30.00 to £120.00
  • Rim cylinders (sometimes referred to as Yale locks) range from £15.00 to £120.00
lock locksmith charges


Grilles range from £180.00 per square metre upwards. You can read more about what affects the cost of security grilles here.


The cost of a safe will depend on the size and features required (fireproof, level of cash rating). Safes range from £120.00 upwards. From basic safes to luxury safes.

3) Parking or congestion charges

These will be discussed and agreed at the time of the quote.

4) VAT

Vat is always mentioned at the time of the quote.

The IKS way of quoting ensures that the customer is fully aware of the costs involved before booking the job. No nasty surprises on completion!

Experienced Master Locksmiths Association Approved Locksmiths

Your security is not something to compromise on. Don’t get caught out by opportunists promising the world – cheap prices and quick arrival times!

When choosing a locksmith it is important to choose with care to avoid being ripped off. Read here about locksmiths quoting low prices and then invoicing for extortionate prices.  Don’t fall for common Rogue Locksmith tricks.

Master locksmith association approved locksmith

Why It’s So Important to Choose an MLA Approved Locksmith

The industry is unregulated and even an ex convict can legally set up as a locksmith!

Choosing an approved company provides assurances of;

  • DBS / Police checks
  • Qualifications & Experience
  • Ethics and Morals – MLA locksmiths are regularly checked

Are You Choosing A Locksmith With Credentials?

Make sure that whichever locksmith you choose they tick all the boxes! As an absolute minimum they should have is a DBS Check and Insurance – ask for proof. You can read more about choosing a Locksmith here.

IKS locksmiths credentials

What Are You Getting For Money Spent on a Locksmith?

Really there isn’t much information available on how much you should expect to pay for a locksmith, so it can be hard to know if you are getting a good deal and paying a reasonable price.

IKS locksmiths charges

You can read more here about exactly what you are paying for when you pay a locksmith – from overheads to experience. Choosing a cheap dodgy locksmith could be really bad value for money!

It is also worth noting that, as with many services, prices in different areas of the country vary. You can expect to pay the highest rates in Central London, particularly if the locksmiths you choose have a Central London retail premises. You will also pay more for well-known brands such as Banham. Banham locks are commonly used in London, however there are similar high quality products available at very good prices. A good locksmith will look for ways to save you money!

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced locksmith in London call us.

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