I’m Locked Out – Again!!!

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We are a 24 hr reliable locksmith and use non- destructive methods for lockout situations where possible. We are fully DBS/CRB checked and MLA Approved. We know that getting locked out is an all too familiar scenario for some people!

  • Are you frequently getting locked out of the house?
  • Is a friend or family member finding they have lost keys too many times?
  • Do you need some locked out of house solutions to save money on locksmith bills?

In my job as a London Locksmith I do come across a large number of people who make a habit of getting locked out. In fact I have a lovely cousin who used to say the words “I’ve lost my keys” numerous times a year, to the amusement of her friends and family.

It’s stressful for the individual, not to mention very expensive when you add up the cost of a locksmith throughout the year!

Let’s face it; it happens to most of us at some point! I’m sure most of us can relate to not wanting to be stuck outside in the rain or the cold waiting for someone else to bring a key or for a locksmith to arrive. It can be a very annoying and expensive mistake!

As I have said in previous posts I enjoy helping people prevent unfortunate situations so that they don’t need to pay a locksmith to get them out of sticky situations.

Emergency lock out calls can be for any of the following reasons;

  • Locked keys in the house
  • Lost keys
  • Locked out of house
  • Stolen keys
  • A Break in

If these things happen to you time and time again the next time you hear yourself say “I am locked out” consider how you can prevent this happening again!

Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out

Leaving a key with a trusted neighbour or family member.

This is the obvious choice. Of course this means you need to have someone who you trust. In addition to that they would need to be home at the time you have found yourself locked out. This is probably the most common and best preventative measure.

Leaving a key somewhere outside the house.

This is NOT a strategy I would recommend. It is too high risk. What if you are being watched? What if an intruder checks all the possible hiding places? It is too easy for an intruder to do. There are numerous articles, like this one, suggesting hiding places outside the home. I am not in agreement with these ideas at all as they are too risky.

Wearing your key on a chain round your neck.

This is always an option but again is not fool proof as it is likely you may forget it.

key necklace
Image by Torley via Flickr

Installing a keyless lock

keyless lock

Electronic key pads mean that there is no need to remember a key but a code instead. This is appropriate in certain circumstances but is not suitable in all cases. It is most suitable for commercial premises or flats with numerous key holders. The code can be changed easily if necessary. The disadvantage is that keyless locks have no official British Standard for insurance purposes. Therefore your insurance would not pay out in the case of a break in. Find out more about the pros and cons of these type of locks on this post.

A key safe installed outside your property.

A key safe can be useful in certain circumstances. They can be suitable if you have locked keys in the house. However I wouldn’t recommend storing a full set of keys in a key safe. These are really ideal for the elderly when carers need access.

They are also very good for rental properties like Airbnb where guests can collect a key and there can be a spare for those locked out of an apartment.

Key safes are not always the best solution to getting repeatedly locked out.

Guides to What to Do When Locked Out

There are various articles offering advice for those locked out. The best advice on this article is to call a locksmith! The suggestion that you could open your door with your credit card is questionable!

There are more suggestions on how to break into your home here but unfortunately I fear these methods would offer limited success.

Getting Locked Out – In Summary

Prevention is the key! There is no one foolproof solution to prevent getting locked out of home. The way to prevent getting locked out really depends on the individual and the circumstances. The solution for my serial lockout cousin was a keyless lock. She hasn’t been locked out of her flat since! Saying that she has now lives outside the UK. This may or may not be the solution for you too.

If you do get locked out regularly then why not ask your locksmith what they suggest is the best and lowest risk solution in your situation. Breaking the cycle could help save you some money further down the line.

Should you find yourself locked out of your house in North London or the surrounding area I would be happy to help you gain access and offer advice on the best way to prevent getting locked out again. Be prepared in case you do get locked out……

Save our number for emergencies

We offer a highly competitive locksmith cost and, unlike some locksmiths, we will give a realistic quote on the phone and stick to it! Beware of locksmiths quoting low to secure the job and then adding to the rate at the job. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Choosing an MLA Approved locksmith will help avoid encountering rogue locksmiths.

If you are looking for a lockout locksmith you can rely on IKS Locksmiths in an emergency.

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