Are Access Control Systems and Keyless Door Locks Safer Than Key Locks?

Video Door Entry System

We are MLA approved lock specialists and have expertise in key locks for doors and windows as well as keyless door locks installation. We are often asked what kind of door lock is most secure?

What Type of Door Lock is Most Secure?

So what are the safest door locks? This is a question we are often asked as experts in high security door locks installation in North London The most secure lock for a door will depend on; the type of door, the property and crucially the people using the door. In this post we aim to answer all your door lock questions from; “Are keypad door locks safe?” and “Can keyless locks be hacked?” to “Which is safer a key lock or pin code?”

With so many door lock options it is advisable to seek advice from a lock specialist to establish the most secure lock for your door.

Are Keyless Locks safe?

If I’m asked if access control systems and keypad door locks are safe I would say that in some cases they are the most suitable door lock option but not always.

Professionally installed keyless door locks can be the best option in certain circumstances. For example for flats or offices where there are multiple users and keys could go missing, or homes where there is a high chance of keys being lost or there is a need to carefully control access to the property.

Video entrance system
Video Entrance System

Choosing Keyless Locks or Key Locks

There are advantages to using electronic locks over key locks in some situations and vice versa. When deciding if you should choose door locks with keys or keyless locks for doors, it is important to know the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision about the best locks for your individual situation.

When you have decided which is the best option for your property, the next step is to research different types of key locks or keyless locks. For example, if you choose keyless locks you may opt for a basic keypad door lock, or you may want to have the benefits of a more complex video and audio door entry system. If you opt for key locks you may want to consider a keyed alike lock system or high security keys for convenience and security.

Our comparison of keyless and key operated locks may help you to decide which locks might be most suitable for your property.

An experienced lock specialist can help take the guess work out of making these important decisions.

Videx Audio Control System
Videx 500 Audio Apartment Station

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keyless Locks

The pros and cons of choosing keyless locks are important to know when investing money in choosing the best security system for your property and security needs.

Keyless Door Lock Pros

  • Not having to carry and look for a key to enter is very convenient.
  • The need to replace lost keys can be eliminated.
  • If a users looses an entry cards or fob they can be easily cancelled.
  • Door entry systems allowing access control with keypad entry, cards or fobs and audio or video can significantly improve security levels for larger buildings.
  • Access control can be used to keep track of entry and exit times of staff and other personnel.

Keyless Locks Cons

  • Keyless security locks for doors can be more expensive that key locks. However, the advantages could make the investment worthwhile.
  • Keyless entry locks can be more complex and unreliable than key locks. However, issues can be minimised by choosing a professional door entry system specialist for installation and repairs.
  • Users may forget pin codes. However, these can be easily reset.
  • Electronic entry systems can be susceptible to hacking. This is why it is very important to choose a reputable door entry brand and installer to ensure your keyless locking system has effective security features to combat hacking.
Audio door entry system
Videx SP300 1 Audio Door Entry System

What is the Best Keyless Door Lock?

If you are opting for keyless security locks for doors, there are a range of options to choose from. Basic mechanical keypad locks cost less than more complex electronic door locks for homes and commercial properties with varying functionality.

Door entry could be with a keypad, card, fob or even remote control or biometric. You can choose a basic access control system or you can have the option of audio or video connected to one or a number of phone lines. Always choose a high quality branded door entry system. Amongst the best door entry system brands are Codelocks for weather resistant keypads, Comelit for access control and Videx for intercom systems.

A door entry system is an investment and a specialist is best qualified to support you in choosing the most suitable high quality access control system for your needs.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Front Door Key Locks

Knowing the pros and cons of choosing key operated doors locks can be very useful in choosing the most secure and best locks for your property.

front door deadlock

Key Lock Pros

  • The more simple a door lock the less likely there will be faults and problems. High quality mechanical door locks can be very reliable.
  • Key locks for doors can be less expensive than keyless door locks.
  • Key operated locks are easier to install than more complex door entry systems so installation usually costs less

Cons of Key Locks

  • Loosing keys is a security concern, unless you have high security keys which are more secure as they can’t be duplicated without a special code
  • Bunches of keys can be heavy and inconvenient, however having keys keyed alike to work all your locks from just one key is an excellent solutions to this problem.
  • It can be difficult to see to put the key in the lock in the dark, unless you have a security light to light up the door or carry a keyring with a small torch.
Mul-T-lock high security keys

What are the Best Key Locks for Doors?

There are a number of key lock options and the best lock for your door will depend on a combination of factors from the type of door to the number of keyholders. You need to know the best door key lock for your particular door and needs. You can read more about choosing the best door locks here.

Whether you choose key operated locks of keyless locks it is crucial that your locks are insurance approved to ensure that you are covered in the case of a break-in. Don’t leave anything to chance, seek advice from a lock installation expert.

Advice on Choosing the Best Front Door Lock for Security

Do you know your anti snap locks from your high security door locks, your 5 lever deadlocks from your night latches or your keypad door locks from your video door entry system? If not, it is advisable to call your local MLA approved locksmith for advice if you need your lock changed and are trying to choose the best lock for your front door.

An Approved Specialist for Front Door Lock Security in London

If you need advice on changing a door lock or you want to know what is the most secure front door lock for your property we can help. We are experienced in home and commercial door lock installation in a range of settings. From office blocks to communal doors for flats and houses we can help. Our experts can advise you on which key operated lock or keyless front door lock is ideal for your property needs and budget.

IKS provide very competitive lock installation prices. Call us to arrange a free security survey.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.



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