Important Extension Building Security Tips

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Are you thinking of extending your property? Where I live in Barnet the properties seem to be a continuous work in progress. The propensity to maximise on space seems to be infectious! I can’t remember a time without skips or scaffolding on our road.

Construction Site Security Issues to be Aware of

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Site Security – Who You are Allowing Access To

One aspect of building site security that many people don’t think about when it comes to have building works done are the security risks of opening up your home to a set of people that you don’t really know and the risk that open doors and shared keys bring.  That is not to say that we shouldn’t trust builders! What I mean is that caution is required just as it is when choosing a locksmith. IKS are an MLA approved building security locksmith based in High Barnet.

Ensure that your builders are aware of who should and shouldn’t access your home when you are out. Should neighbours want to have a look at the progress would you allow your builders to give them a tour? I know I wouldn’t. Sometimes a wide open door and work going on can make your home seem more accessible. Be upfront with your builder about this.

Compromised Security While the Project is in Progress

With any project it is important to have good building security systems in place. If you are having a ground level extension you may find that the rear of your home is secured by building site fencing which may be made of something like chipboard for a period of time. This can make a homeowner feel extremely uneasy! When your home is secured by building site fence panels alone is probably the time when your home is most at risk.

Are the Security Systems That are Being Fitted to a Sufficiently High Standard?

Another aspect is the level of security that is being chosen and the standards to which they are being fitted. Builders are highly skilled but when it comes to choosing locks and knowing how to fit them an experienced qualified locksmith is needed for the job! For kitchens, flooring, lighting, plumbing and electricity an expert in the field is required. Security is so important that it is not somewhere that corners can be cut. An experienced locksmith with help you choose good quality locks which meet the required standards, are fit for the purpose and fitted in line with recommended criteria. There are many occasions where I see locks fitted by builders that fall short of the standards I would expect. Unfortunately homeowners are often oblivious to the security risks.

Locks Need to be Changed on Completion of the Project

As there may be multiple people who can have access to your keys on completion of any home renovation project it is imperative that you change your locks. The number of strangers who may have access to your keys doesn’t beg thinking about!

Extension Security Recommendations from a Master Locksmith


Inform your insurance company of planned works as changes may affect your policy!

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So how can you feel safe in your home whilst having an extension?

1) Choose Your Trades People Carefully

Choose all trades people with care. Get personal recommendations. Check reviews but keep in mind that false or fake reviews are not uncommon. We are aware of dishonesty and false reviews in the locksmith industry on websites such as Google and Check a Trader.  Be aware that you can’t trust all reviews that you read. This is something to be aware of for all industries. When you choose a builder you are choosing a whole team. You can never be too careful.

2) Get Advice from a Qualified Locksmith on How to Secure a Building Site

The fact is that there will be times when your home is at risk with walls and doors missing and possibly chipboard in their place! Scaffolding, skips and construction company signs unfortunately draw attention to your property! The best thing to do is everything you possibly can to ensure that intruders can’t get to that point.

  • Secure your back gate with a good lock
  • Secure your side access gate with a good lock (share a key with the neighbours)
  • Ensure your builders use the highest quality building site security fencing available and ensure that it is well secured. See some security fencing types here.
  • Construction site alarms can help you sleep better at night!

These tips are good security practice whether you are having an extension or not!

Recently my neighbours house was targeted and scrap metal was taken from the back garden because neither of these security measures had been put in place. If there is an opportunity for a crook to make a few quid they will somehow know about it and take it. News of opportunities for the common crook seems to spread easily in these situations!

3) Use a Specialist Locksmith for your New Locks to Get the Best in Specialist Security – Not a Jack of All Trades!

A qualified locksmith who specialises in physical security will be able to give you the best advice possible throughout the project. Security is not an area to compromise on!

4) Change All Your Locks on Completion of a Project

Think of the number of people that could potentially have access to your property. Don’t risk the devastation of a burglary of your new and improved home complete with new gadgets. Ensure that both door and window locks are secure.

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If you are having work done on your property and need advice on securing your home by a Locksmith, we are Master Locksmiths based in North London. We are specialists in physical property security and are experienced in all aspects relating to home security. If you need an expert in changing and installing new locks or have any building security questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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