How Do You Outsmart Burglars? Stay One Step Ahead!

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a burglar? It is worth thinking about because it really could help you prevent burglary.

As a locksmith specialising in emergency burglary repairs in North London I have learnt a lot about burglaries and burglars over the past years. In this post I share what I know about how burglars operate.

How Do you Protect Yourself From Intruders?

Understanding how intruders operate and what to look out for is crucial to knowing how to prevent becoming a victim of burglary.

How Intruders Operate

Here we summarise what we know about how intruders operate.

Do Burglars Wear Black?

Intruders aim to blend in. This could mean looking like a resident or workman perhaps. They may wear black at night to remain hidden. Appearing inconspicuous is the key, which is why they are not easy to spot.

burglar forcing a home window
Image courtesy of Informedmag

What Time Do Most Burglaries Happen?

There are a range of times that intruders strike, depending on the time of year and peoples daily routines.

  • 8am – 11am – intruders watch and learn what peoples habits and routines are and can target properties when they know homeowners are routinely out of the property
  • 3pm – 4pm – school pick up time means lots of empty homes and people coming and going
  • 6pm onwards – darkness and quiet streets allow burglars to move unseen
  • 1am – 3am – burglaries are often carried out whilst most people sleep

What do burglars look for in a house?

Intruders look for signs that indicate a homeowner is not security conscious. These are some things that may attract unwanted attention;

  1. Poor attention to security – they will look for properties with sub standard gate, door and window security measures in place
  2. Empty properties – lights off, no movement of curtains, grass uncut, deliveries piling up
  3. Carelessness – not locking the deadlock, keys left in the door!
  4. Keys left out in view
  5. Entrances with obscured views
  6. Signs of valuable goods
  7. Cash, jewellery, electronic equipment
  8. Easy ways to access – ladders etc
5 lever British Standard deadlock
A British Standard 5 Lever Deadlock

How Do Most Burglars Break Into Homes?

Understanding how intruders gain entry can be helpful in knowing how to secure your home. These are the most common ways intruders break into homes;

  • Mole grips to snap a UPVC door – it is important to have an anti snap lock if you have a UPVC door
  • A screwdriver to open a sub standard lock – up to date high quality locks are a must
  • As crowbar to prise open doors or windows – good door and window locks as well as security grilles can provide high security to windows and doors to prevent this
snapped lock barnet
A Snapped UPVC Lock

You can read more here about how burglars break into homes.

What Really Puts Burglars Off?

There are ways to make your home less appealing to intruders. You can read more about what makes your home a target for burglary.

Burglary target home

There are many ways to prevent burglary that are low cost or even no cost! This post has some clever ways to keep burglars away

For detailed burglary prevention tips read the IKS burglary prevention guide

High Security Grilles for Doors and Windows

Bespoke security grilles are an excellent intruder deterrent and high security option for securing windows and doors. They can provide great peace of mind to homeowners. Choose from traditional burglar bars, collapsible security shutters, Georgian window bars, decorative security grilles for windows or roller shutters.

North London has seen an increase in demand for security grilles. Not only are security grilles and shutters high security but they are also becoming more and more desirable in terms of aesthetics. They are available in a range of colours and finishes and tailored to the individual property. We are specialists in invisible burglar bars installation in London where we align the grilles with the original window bars. We have a portfolio of images available and many satisfied customers to date.

security grilles installation

At IKS Locksmiths we specialise in high quality locks, bespoke security grilles and safes in North London and the surrounding areas. We are MLA qualified and approved. Should you require a security survey or have any questions regarding home or commercial security to prevent burglary contact our experts for advice.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.



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