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Entrusting your property to complete strangers can be daunting. However, the advantages may significantly outweigh the risks. My sister in law hired out her Edinburgh home around Hogmanay and enjoyed a lovely holiday with the earnings. Some people make a consistent living through renting rooms on airbnb. It is becoming increasingly popular and is a cost-effective way to travel the world and see how real people live. Just make sure you are well insured!

If you are new to airbnb there are various articles offering airbnb advice such as this one in the Telegraph.

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airbnb have a good system where reviews can be left by guests and property owners. This helps establish a level of trust when renting out your home. It is advisable to choose guests with several positive reviews. It is also advisable to choose a guest with a full profile. This will help to minimise the chances of potential airbnb security issues.

You can read more about security checks by airbnb here.

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airbnb home Security Tips:

There are several websites giving advice to potential Airbnb hosts.  I am a security specialist and this post has a sole focus how to keep your property secure as an Airbnb host. There are several steps you can take to minimise a breach of your security.

1) Use High Security Keys

Using high security keys will mean that the guest is unable to make a copy of the key and return to the property uninvited later. High security keys require a code to have a key cut and can only be cut by an authorised dealer. As security specialists we recommend and are authorised dealers of Mul-t-lock high security keys.

Changing your locks is top priority if you think someone could potentially have a copy of your keys. For more front door security tips read here.

high security locks for airbnb properties

2) Leave a Guide to Locking up!

As I always say it is vital to lock the deadlock on external doors and lock all windows, even when popping out for 10 minutes. This is no exception for guests, and it is important that this is clearly communicated to them in no uncertain terms. If you are broken into and your insurance approved locks have not been used, then the insurance company will not pay up!

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3) Carefully Consider How to Exchange Keys

Articles like this one offer advice on the best way to exchange keys. Be wary of taking security advice from companies that are not specialists in security. I have heard of cases where keys are left with the local 7-Eleven. Personally, I would be wary of doing this. If you are considering this option, it would be even more important to have high security keys.

Ways airbnb suggest exchanging keys;

Note my comments of airbmb suggested methods)

  1. Meeting in Person – In my opinion this is the preferred option
  2. Asking a Neighbour to Pass the Keys to a Guest – This would be my next choice provided you know someone you can really trust!
  3. Sending Keys and Info in the Post – If you need to do this use recorded delivery and send the keys and the info separately.
  4. Leaving Keys in a Key Safe – This is not a fool proof option. It is something that I would only recommend for occasional use. Ideally only 1 key should be left in it and a key for the 2nd lock elsewhere. It is also important to carefully consider where you locate a key safe.
Key Safe

4) Clear Away Any Valuables

Some airbnb properties are not homes and don’t have many personal belongings around. However, many are homes and if you have items that you value or are attached to it is important to put them away securely. Take a walk around the property and consider which items you may need to secure. Some items may simply be put away in a wardrobe, some removed from the property and stored elsewhere or there may be items that you can store in a safe. If you choose to use a safe make sure it is a good one!

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5) Choose a Good Safe for High Value Items

If you are thinking of installing a safe it is important to choose the best safe and appropriate installation for your individual situation. There are several factors to consider when deciding which type of safe is most suitable. What you plan to keep in the safe is of significance. You can more read about choosing the best safe here and about safe installation here.

save installed at airbnb property

A security camera for airbnb rentals would be a nice to have, however in my experience there isn’t much that can be done with security footage following a burglary. My advice is to focus on prevention to avoid any potential airbnb security problems. You may like to read my Ultimate Burglary Prevention Guide.

I hope that my airbnb security tips have been helpful. I wish you luck with renting your home.

If you are based in or around the London area and would like advice on how to secure your airbnb property call me for a free security survey.

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