Top Tips on Buying a Burglar Alarm After a Burglary

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After a burglary it is natural that you will want to step up your security! Understandably many people decide to buy a burglar alarm after being burgled.

When buying an alarm, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of getting “sold to”. When you start researching burglar alarms and it can be hard to know what to believe.

At IKS Locksmiths we are MLA approved security specialists. We have good contacts with alarm companies in North London. However as locksmiths we focus on physical property security, such as security locks, grilles safes and access control system installation in London. Because of this my views about burglar alarms are impartial.

My Top Tips Alarm on Choosing the Best Burglar Alarm

1)       Choose an NSI NACOSS Approved Company

Read about why choosing an NSI approved company is important here. Be aware that the security industry is unregulated. Therefore it is important to choose security companies with care.

2)       Choose an Option Suited to your Budget

Do some research before approaching companies. Decide whether you need a monitored system or if a bells only or even a dummy alarm is what you need. Read here for a good guide on types of burglar alarms.

3)       Check your Home Contents Insurance Requirements

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As with locks, you don’t want to spend money on the wrong alarm system. Make sure you choose an alarm that meets your home contents insurance policy standards. If it’s not the right alarm and it’s not switched on, they won’t pay up.

4)       Don’t Fall into the Trap of Getting into a Contract Where You Don’t Own the Alarm

Larger national alarm companies offer alarms with cheap monthly premiums to start. The problem is that the premiums can increase after a number of years. Subsequently you can find you have paid a lot of money and don’t even own the alarm. You could find yourself in a situation where you are paying high monthly premiums for an alarm you don’t even own.

5)       Choose a Local Alarm Company by Recommendation

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Choosing a local company by recommendation will ensure that you get good value for money from a reputable genuine specialist. It is preferable to deal with an experienced expert as opposed to a call centre. If you are looking for an alarm company in North London, I would be happy to give you a recommendation. As a security specialist I have experience in working together with a number of NACOSS Gold approved alarm specialists in London. Remember to check online reviews too and look out for fake reviews!

What to Do After Getting Burgled – Top Priorities!


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There are significant benefits to owning an alarm. It is a great deterrent. Should you be broken into it will raise the alert and hopefully prevent the intruders from proceeding. An alarm can offer great peace of mind. However, when it comes to actually securing the home an alarm can’t physically keep intruders out. It is vital that you address the physical security in your property as a top priority! Physical security is the only way to actually keep intruders out of your home.

As a minimum ensure that you have;

  • A security survey carried out by an MLA approved security specialist
  • Insurance approved locks on all external doors
  • Insurance approved locks on all windows

This is a basic requirement even if you haven’t been burgled. It is important that security checks are done as soon as you move into a new property. This way you know that there are no weaknesses in your security. Security issues could make your property vulnerable and a potential target.

Insurance approve deadlock with lock guard

Additional ways of securing the home after a burglary;

  • Door reinforcement – such as lock guards (as pictured above), London bars, Birmingham bars
  • High Security grilles for windows or doors

The Best Security!

These additional means of security are not basic requirements. However measures like door reinforcement after a burglary are advisable in some cases, depending on the circumstances. For example; it is advisable when a front door is weak. You can read about how to reinforce a front door here. Security grilles are a great burglar deterrent and additional security measures like these can significantly decrease the likelihood of a burglary. 

You can read here about how thieves break into properties. It shows just how important door and window security are.

With suitable physical security in place as a priority and a good alarm you can feel much more secure in your home. This is particularly important for home movers who tend to be targeted by burglars. Unfortunately For Sale signs and removal vans make it obvious when people have moved.

Check out our burglary prevention guide. If you’ve been burgled you may want to read here about What to Do After a Burglary. It’s a detailed burglary checklist.

Nighttime security is a hot topic at the moment with so many burglaries happening whilst owners sleep. Read our tips about night time security – to put your mind at rest.

IKS Locksmith are home and commercial security specialists based in North London. Should you require a free security survey or any advice about burglary prevention please do get in touch.

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