Should You Choose a High Street or a Mobile Locksmith?


Should you choose a locksmith with a High Street presence or a 24 hour mobile locksmith in London?

The answer is it depends! Don’t worry I will explain what it depends on.

Choosing a Locksmith

IKS are an MLA approved company offering locksmith services in Barnet and surrounding North London and Hertfordshire areas. We know from experience that there are pros and cons with both retail and mobile locksmiths. As I have mentioned many times in the past, choosing a locksmith of any type can be a minefield due to the fact that any Tom, Dick or Harry can legally operate as a locksmith without even a CRB check! You can read more about this here. Before searching online for a mobile locksmith near me or walking into high street locksmiths it’s important to know what to look for to avoid getting fleeced!

Read my top tips for choosing a locksmith who;

  • Knows what they are doing


  • Won’t rip you off!

I strongly advise you to call your local locksmith in an emergency as opposed to a UK wide chain. Buy why would you choose a mobile locksmith over a retail locksmith or vice versa? Here I will assess the pros and cons of both (with my objective head on!)

Retail Locksmith Services – Pros and Cons

Retail Locksmith Pros

  • You know where they are if you have any issues
  • You can go into the shop and meet the staff
  • It offers some reassurance that they are an established credible business
  • You can pop in to get a key cut

Retail Locksmith Cons

  • Rent = higher overheads which will be reflected in the pricing
  • Some high street locksmiths are multiples – big budget advertising campaigns in addition to rent for premium locations means high overheads which will need to be recouped through the customer.
  • You are likely to get a less personal service with multiples, multiple employees adds to the running costs of the business and you are unlikely to have a direct line to the locksmith.

In summary you may find you are paying more for running costs as opposed to quality products, workmanship and experience. There are some really good locksmiths on the high street. If the locksmith is MLA approved you can be assured that they are knowledgeable and experienced and operating ethically. If they are not there are no such assurances. Check for the MLA logo before trust your security to anyone.

MLA logo

Mobile Locksmith Services – Pros and Cons

Mobile Locksmith Pros

  • Not paying high rents for a retail premises allows mobile locksmiths to offer customers highly competitive prices. (Choosing an MLA approved locksmith will ensure that you are not choosing one of the many rip off merchants operating)
  • Locksmiths on the road and can often offer very quick response times if they have someone in the area

Mobile Locksmith Cons

  • You can’t just pop in to get a key cut
  • It can be hard to establish if they are a reputable company – look to the MLA logo to make sure they are

When choosing a mobile locksmith above all make sure that they are CRB / DBS checked! You would be shocked at how many locksmiths operate without this. For reassurance choose an MLA approved locksmith. All MLA members are CRB checked and qualified.

DBS check


Conclusion – Mobile vs High Street Locksmiths

Choosing a local locksmith can give you the benefits of getting excellent value for money if you choose the right one. Therefore it is important to be very selective about the locksmith you choose, whether that be a mobile or a retail locksmith. This applies not only to local locksmiths but other businesses too. I discuss this in my last post which highlights good reasons for shopping local in Barnet, which is where I’m based.

IKS Locksmiths are a family run business based on North London. We are MLA approved 24 hour locksmiths providing a mobile service. Our locksmiths are experienced specialists in all aspects of property security; locks, master key systems, security gates and grilles and safes.

IKS Locksmiths Mission: To Provide Customers with Outstanding Value for Money.

  • Master Locksmiths Association Approved
  • Highly Qualified
  • Highly Experienced
  • CRB Checked
  • Use only high quality products
  • Excellent customer service is a priority

Whether you choose a 24 hour mobile locksmith service or a retail locksmith in North London, or anywhere else for that matter, make sure that they meet the criteria above. Check the credentials and reviews before entrusting your security to anyone.

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