Unreported Crime in High Barnet Compromising Local Residents Security

Recent feedback from local High Barnet residents suggests a reluctance to report crime with many saying, “What’s the point?” Many residents believe that reporting a crime in Barnet is a waste of time because nothing will be done. Are you one of those people?

Why It’s Crucial That Residents Report All Crimes in Barnet

Reporting crime in High Barnet has never been more important. Many people think that it is not worth it because nothing is achieved and the report just becomes a statistic. The reality is that statistics are what drives increased police presence in the area.

Under Reported Crime = Insufficient Police Presence Allocated

So why are local residents becoming less inclined to report crime?

Chipping Barnet crime rates

The Impact of the Closure of Barnet Police Station

The closure of the manned desk at Barnet Police Station in 2017 has seen local residents lose confidence in the police.

Common Misconceptions About Reporting Crime in High Barnet

  1. Reporting a crime is more difficult because there is no public access to the police station in High Barnet and a trip to Colindale is required – FALSE (read easy ways to report a crime below).
  2. Reporting a crime doesn’t have a positive impact – FALSE (reports = increased police presence).

Changing these misconceptions could restore appropriate levels of policing and significantly improve security levels in the High Barnet area.

Barnet Police Station

Barnet Residents Can Help Save High Barnet Police Station

If we, as a community, were to report each and every crime this would provide accurate data and a clear case for increased police presence in the Barnet area. It could even save Barnet Police Station, which is currently manned by Barnet community police but has not been open to the public since 2017. Concerningly the building is now at risk of being sold for development!

Despite underreporting, crime rates in Barnet are rising. With online reporting options, we don’t need a desk to be manned. However, it is vital that we retain a police base and increase police presence in the area, to prevent further increases in crime.

Easy Ways to Report a Crime in Barnet

There are a few quick and easy options when it comes to reporting a crime to the Met Police.

How to Report a Crime Online

Report a crime online:

1) On the Met Police website

2) On the Met Police Twitter page.

It won’t take long to file a report online and your report will be directed to the relevant department.

More Information on Crime and Policing in High Barnet

For more information on Crime and Policing in the High Barnet area visit the Barnet Residents Association website. You may also wish to consider joining the BRA to support positive change in the local area.

Barnet Crime Rates

Concerningly, statistics show that crime in Barnet is on the rise despite underreporting.

Barnet crime rates

See more statistics and graphs showing crime and safety rates in Barnet here. You can even see details of the 20 latest crimes reported in Barnet and the outcome of reports.

Vehicle Theft and Burglary in Barnet

When looking at crime in Barnet compared to London, vehicle theft and burglary rates in Barnet are higher than in London. It is important to be proactive in putting personal, vehicle and home security precautions in place.

London crime rates

An increase in burglaries in the area is evident to us as emergency locksmiths based in High Barnet. We have seen an increase in emergency calls and burglaries in the area. Another issue that we are aware of is rogue locksmiths taking advantage of the increase in break ins. For your safety and security always choose an accredited security specialist for emergency burglary repairs in North London.

Ways to Improve Your Home Security

With crime rates in Barnet increasing and underreporting, it is more important than ever to put preventative measures in place. Knowing the best security solutions for your home ensures that your property doesn’t become a target. When it comes to security an intruder will choose the least secure property. Arrange a home security survey with an approved specialist for advice on the best security solutions for your individual property. Often simple and economical changes can make a great difference when it comes to burglary prevention.

In Conclusion

As local Barnet residents, we can all do our individual part in reducing crime in Barnet by:

  1. Reporting each incidence of crime we experience
  2. Putting preventative measures in place

IKS are MLA approved security specialists based in High Barnet. Contact us for professional security advice. You can read about the safest and most dangerous areas in Barnet and other security topics in our blog.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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