Using Locksmiths Locks vs Buying You Own Locks?

As a specialist in lock fitting based in Barnet we provide professional lock replacement services in London. I get quite a few calls asking me about installing door locks bought from another supplier. When I hear the question;

“I’m looking for locksmith to install a door lock bought by me can you do it?”

I always say;

“No I’m sorry I only install my own locks.”

The reason being that;

  • It is not in the interest of the customer if they want their lock to be guaranteed under warranty.
  • As a company we will only install high quality locks.

Will a Locksmith Install a Lock I Have Bought Already?

There are locksmiths that will install pre-bought locks, however I would question their intentions knowing that the lock warranty could be an issue should anything go wrong with the lock.

Always confirm the warranty details  before going ahead!

It is important to take great care in choosing a locksmith – anyone can legally set up as a locksmith due to the absence of government legislation for the locksmith industry. As a minimum, check the locksmith you choose is DBS checked, there are many locksmiths who aren’t.

Trust me you don’t want just anyone dealing with something as sensitive as your security!

DBS checked locksmith

Do IKS Locksmiths Install Security Products Bought Elsewhere?

  • Locks                             No
  • Security Grilles           No
  • Safes                             Yes

Safes are the exception; we do install safes bought elsewhere if a safe is being moved from one property to another.

installing pre-bought safes

Why it is Not Advisable to Ask a Locksmith to Install Locks You Have Bought?

Who is Your Lock Warranty With – The Shop or The Locksmith?

Say for example a locksmith is installing a door handle with a lock or fitting a Yale lock bought from the local hardware shop for you and it breaks within a few months. Do you know who you should speak to about the problem?

It is likely to be unclear if the fault is a result of the lock or the work done by the locksmith. The likelihood is that each party may wish to blame the other.

Where does that leave the customer? Stuck between a rock and a hard place!

High Quality Locks Last Much Longer!

At IKS locksmiths we know the importance of lock quality and we know a quality lock when we see one! Buying cheap and low quality is a false economy.

At the end of the day we want satisfied customers and we know that our customers won’t get satisfaction from a cheap low-quality lock. It’s all about knowing where it is appropriate to make savings and where it isn’t.

If you pay a locksmith for door lock installation you want to know that the lock, they have installed will last.

Banham Door Lock Installation

The same issue with warranty also applies to fitting Banham locks. Banham locks are at the higher end of the market. Our experts are experienced in carrying out Banham locks supply and fitting. However, as independent locksmiths, we have found that, because Banham are retail lock installers and not just wholesale suppliers, problems can arise in dealing with Banham if something does go wrong with a Banham lock and a replacement lock is needed.

If a customer specifically asks for a Banham lock to be fitted, I will present them with the range of lock options which are on a par with Banham locks in terms of quality. This way they can make a fully informed choice. I do advise that, in our opinion as lock specialists, it makes sense to forego the brand name and save money. However, some customers want the Banham name and I always advise those customers to contact Banham direct to ensure there is clarity when it comes to the warranty.

bahnam lock

Lock Warranty – What to Expect

At IKS locksmiths work is guaranteed for 12 months. This is standard with most Master Locksmiths Association Approved locksmiths.

The warranty for the actual lock will depend on the warranty provided by the supplier of the lock used in each individual case.

Ensure that you ask your chosen locksmith what the warranty will be prior to having a lock installed.

If you do choose to have a locksmith fit a lock that you have bought, and a problem arises it could be very tricky to identify or prove whether the problem has arisen because of the lock or the lock fitting. If this happens your lock warranty may be of little use (especially if you have chosen one of the UK’s many dishonest locksmiths).

Buying your security products from a reliable approved locksmith will avoid this type of uncertainty and risk.  

fitting a lock by a professional locksmith

The Best Locks

High quality locks are branded locks such as;

  • Yale
  • Era
  • Chubb,
  • Ingersoll
  • Union,
  • Banham,
  • Mul-T-Lock
yale lock with snib

Brands like Yale can be bought in the shops however if you need Yale door lock installation I would strongly advise buying the lock from a trustworthy locksmith to ensure that your warranty is valid. You can read more about the best locks here.

Do Some Locksmiths Sell Low Quality Locks and How to Avoid Them?

Some locksmiths sell low quality locks and don’t provide a warranty. It is important to know how to spot a low-quality lock and how to choose a locksmith who will not offer you poor quality locks!

Unfortunately there are thousands of UK locksmiths taking advantage of the lack of government legislation for the locksmith industry. Don’t get caught out!

You can read about how to choose a trustworthy, qualified locksmith here.

MLA lockmith trusted association

Low Quality Locks to Avoid

Low quality locks sold by disreputable locksmiths tend to be;

  • Non-branded locks
  • Cheap locks from China

It is important to note that using a lock which doesn’t comply with British Standards could invalidate your insurance claim if you are burgled and the lock is found to be below standard or badly installed. You can read more about insurance approved locks here.

insurance policy

Image by Pictures of money

In Summary

My advice is to choose an MLA approved locksmith so that you know you are getting high quality locks and fitting. You will also know that your warranty will be honoured.

In some cases saving a few quid could cost you much more in the long run. I know because much of my time is spent fixing shoddy work carried out by crooked locksmiths. I hope you don’t fall into that trap.

IKS Locksmiths are Master Locksmiths Association Approved security specialists based in Barnet, North London. Should you need a locksmith in London or Hertfordshire for anything from fitting a Yale door lock to installing a master key system give us a call.

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